“One Foot on the Dock, One on the Boat”


Micky: It’s no coincidence, uh, uh, that th-the incredible Mr. Jim Kerr uh, was here tonight to uh, ha ha. I didn’t get very far, did I? Uh, he’s an old, old friend. Um, he’s not old, ha ha. I’m old, but he is an old, dear friend, and um, uh, about twenty years ago or so, he uh, called me up, and he says I wanna introduce you to somebody, uh, a woman who would like to meet you. She was a fan, and, you know, she’s um, she’s single. I was single at the time uh, just uh, divorced, and she was just divorced actually, and um, I said sure, yeah, okay. And uh, so we met up uh, in uh, Atlantic City as a matter of fact, and uh, uh, this woman, my, my wife, Donna, uh, was a f—uh, she was a flight attendant for American Airlines, and I’m, I’m telling you that for a reason. She, for many years, uh, her career was a flight attendant for American Airlines. So she lived in New York, had an apartment, Upper East Side. I lived in Los Angeles. Like I said, both single, so, it was a long distance kinda relationship for a while, dating. And um, uh, I’d been married, and she’d been married. I had already had kids, she didn’t want kids, and so, uh, we—there, there wasn’t a whole lot o-of talk of marriage, you know. Guys, one foot on the dock, one foot on the boat. But it wasn’t a big issue. Um, and then, eventually, I um, I uh, invited her out to Los Angeles. We started living together, and she still kept her place here, and go back and forth and fly, and I would work and tour and fly and—Well, 9/11 comes along. And she’s here in New York, not working actually, just in her uh flat, in her apartment, uh, uh, watching it go down. Calls me, I’m in Los Angeles, you know, in the morning, and uh, I, she’s crying of course, and freaking out, and uh. I turn on the television. I look, and I’m like holy shit. And I said you have to get out of town. You gotta leave. She said I can’t. Uh the buses are shut down, the tunnels, the trains, everything’s closed down. So the next morning, I got in my car, and I drove cross country. To get her. And proposed on the way back. Oh. Biggest mistake I ever made! Ha ha! Ah! Told ya! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ah! This is, this is for you, honey. The most incredible woman.


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