“My Party Piece”

Micky: You’re gonna hear songs from Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Neil Armstrong. So, many years ago, I was fortunate enough to uh, to get offered a couple of Broadway shows, musicals. I was always a big fan, but I didn’t really know how to get into th-that world. I lived out in Los Angeles, but. Eventually, I got a, I got a break. I did Grease um, on Broadway and the national tour. Yep. I played Sandy. A, a stretch, but… No, I played the uh, sleazy disc jockey, Vince Fontaine. Typecasting. Um, but I went to my vocal coach, and I said I wanna start auditioning for shows, and I wanna do something like, you know, I wanna work up songs like “Music of the Night” in Phantom, ’cause I wanna be the Phantom. He, ha, he was like… okay. Well, maybe you should start working on songs that, you know, uh, parts and characters that would be conceivable that you could do. So, ha ha, uh, he-he suggested this one t—uh, tune from Urinetown. Remember that great show? And I worked it up, I learned it, got me three different shows. This is my money maker! Including Pippin, which I did uh, the revival at the Goodspeed, uh, not long ago.