“Monkees Theme (live)”

?: And now, put your hands together, for the King Kong of The Monkees, Mr. Davy Jones!


Davy: Why do you always have to add a little bit at the end? It’s like you’re building a shed back there or something. And Eric! I have this earpiece in my ear so I can hear my own voice, okay? And you’re going psdfpsdfspghsdfp! And it’s all of the microphones too! It’s ridiculous! That was very—a heck of an introduction, innit? Right, really, really. So we’ve had lots of requests tonight, but we gonna sing anyway, okay? We got some uh, we got Monkees songs.
?: Oh yeah.
Davy: Have we got a lot of Monkees songs?
?: Oh yeah.
Davy: Well, we better get going, because we’ve only got about an hour. Are you ready to do one?
?: Ready!

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