“Monkee Chat (studio dialogue)”

Micky: “A blackbird is a blackbird, blackbird, blackbird, bye bye, bye bye, bye bye”.
Peter: You think he’s, you think he’s been listening to a little too much Four Freshman?
Micky: No—
?: He’s been listening to a little too much Wayne Newton.
Micky: No, man, it’s a great arrangement.
Davy: Do you like Wayne Newton?
Peter: “Blackbird” is a lot, well, it’s over—
Micky: It’s great.
Davy: I don’t like it. I like—
Micky: It’s over what?
Davy: I don’t know.
?: I don’t like his choice of material.
Micky: Wayne Newton?
Davy: No, man, he could be, he could sing some great shit, but he sings all the Sammy Davis songs and the Tommy…
Peter: He wants to be a major star, and he thinks you, you get that way by doing what every other major stars have always done.
?: Except for his last uh, album. Did like “Monday, Monday”, things like that.
Peter: Really? That’s alright.
?: “Boots”.
Davy: Did you hear Bobby Darin’s new one?
Micky: Boots are made for walkin’.
?: Let’s go!
Davy: Fuckin’ album’s good. Fuckin’ album’s smashing, it is. Fucking smashing!
Micky: Someday, when the time is right, I gotta, gotta tell ya what happened, what was said because right, it isn’t funny.
?: Hi, folks, Ralph Williams, president RCA Victor Records.
Micky: Here’s Ronnie Shergun (?), president of Capitol Records. And Jerry was, what did Jerry say? He said something really funny too. Which one did he say? He said, um…
Davy: How could he possibly have said anything funny?
Micky: He’s really a funny guy.
Peter: He is too, man.
Micky: They’re really great people.
Mike: Jerry Yester is one of the all-time funny guys. Have you ever, did you ever watch him on stage in the MFQ?
?: Yeah, when did he—
?: His “Big Jack” was his all time great number, man.
Mike: Wha?
?: “Big Jack”.
Mike: “Big Jack” was groovy and uh, but his, his bullshit on stage, man. Unbelievable. Cyrus will be up there doing things, he’ll be, wham, throwing things over his shoulder, which is great.
?: He lost a lot of that as he grew older. He started getting stoned and stuff, and he didn’t want to do it, you know. He got inhibited. Used to hate “Big Jack” in college concerts. Gettin’ discouraged.
Peter: He grew that moustache, and it changed his, I mean—his image changed him.
?: Were we to get back together now, he wouldn’t, you know, fall right back into the groovy bag again.
?: It’s possible.
Mike: Geez, I wish you would, man. It was one of the greatest vocal groups goin’. Woo!
?: Well, we’re making records at that rate. We’d go out on the road when the offers get like to six, seven grand, if the record ever hits.
Mike: The um, the greatest version of uh—
Peter: “Night Time Girl”.
Mike: Oh fuck, what in the hell was that song?
Peter: Hey, I really like that song, man, I’m sorry.
Mike: “Ox Driver”. And Tad Diltz and “Ox Driver”.
Peter: “To me rol, to me rol, to my rideo”.
Mike: Did you ever hear Tad do “Ox Driver”?
Peter: Ah, yeah. I heard the record. Your Warner Brothers, uh…
Mike: Well, his record wasn’t uh, no man. What they used to do in concert was really great.
Peter: I never heard them in concert until they were rock, until you were a rock group.
?: Oh, concerts were the greatest when we were a rock group. We used to do just a little bit of each, man. We’d do a whole folk half, and then we’d do a whole rock half. Fantastic.
Davy: Go fuck yourself, and let’s do this, you c—
Peter: Can we do this once, just for once, you crumb?