“Micky in Carlsbad Cavern (studio dialogue)”


?: It’s in stereo now, repeat stereo.
Micky: Now you can get the sounds fading back and forth! Alright!
?: It gives you more control.
Micky: Well, no. Give me, uh, make it farther apart than that. We want to make it like going across the room.
?: It’s going across the room now. I wanna get you—
Micky: How can we do the going across the room…
?: —almost clean.
Micky: Now wait a minute.
?: It’s doing it; believe me.
Micky: Wouldn’t it be groovy if you had a mic like here, and a mic like there, and I could turn to each?
?: It’s doing it now. I’ve got the echo going across.
Micky: Eh. It’s not quite the same. Well, alright. But, a little bit to the side. Ha ha ha. Uh oh. [???] Ah. Oh. Yessir, here I am, in the middle of Carlsbad Caverns. I’ve always wanted to go here. Look at that, Martha. That beautiful agathyte. Thalagathmyte. Tharag—flagthite? Thawhite tight, frights the guy fight. It’s the thing that drips from the thing. Ah.
[plays instrument]


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