“Memphis Tennessee”

[???] yeah! [???]

?: Oh, you bastard [???] solo (?)
Micky: Oh, Peter! You had to screw it up! God! Damnit! Shit! Fuck! Sonofabitch! [???]
Peter: You know, we’re taking. We’re still taking.
?: Dave, can we get a mic on David?
Micky: Oh! We’ll cut him off. We’ll just cut off the track.
Mike: No, don’t cut off the track. It was groovy while he goes dee-da-diddle-da-da-dee…
?: It was a cookin’ track.
Micky: Yeah, except it was, we should have all ended the same. We all knew what was happening except you Peter. Always gotta add your own thing!
?: Davy, can you get over uh, right near, uh, Micky’s drum mic, the top one?

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