“Meatloafy (live)”


Davy: I noticed, hey, come out here a minute, Dave. You, you, steady, slow down, slow, slow, slow down. Whoa, big boy! My god. You know, I can see right up your nose. It’s unbelievable, you’re so big. It is a prime example of didn’t eat the vegetables, ate the bloody vegetables. Geez, you’re so—how big are you, six eight, six nine?
Dave Alexander: Six two.
Davy: You can’t be six two; I’m five eleven and a half, man, you know. Hey, what’s the deal, how do you put your belt on, with a boomerang or what? It’s unbelievable. Gee-geez, I’ve never seen, he’s so big, this guy. He’s unbelievable. He’s he’s-he’s on both sides of the family, that’s how big he is, this guy. Listen, have you got any, any special treats for us tonight?
Dave Alexander: Like an impression?
Davy: Like an impression. Something like an impression.
Dave Alexander: Yeah, I can do Meat Loaf for you.
Davy: I know you can do that, but what about an impression?
Dave Alexander: Alright, how ’bout it? Ha ha ha.

Well, I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love
But I won’t do that

Davy: Alright! Dave Alexander. My goodness, I got a present.



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  1. Live!!! (2004) (CD).