“James Babbles and Then Introduces Peter”


James: Thank you very much for that. It’s called “Daddy’s Eyes”. It’s off of my Domino Harvest album. It’s also one of the songs in the musical I wrote, Sex and the Single Mom. You laugh, but it’s coming out next year.
Person in crowd: One act play?
James: No, actually it’s three acts. I have a lot of stamina. Been on the Atkins diet. I really have. Somebody sent me a video of one of my shows, and my wife had been saying, you know, James, you’re putting on a little weight there on your belly there, and I went no, no, I look great, I’m 57, I look just fine, you know. So I get this video, and I thought, mother of God, Alfred Hitchcock stole my guitar. I appreciate that. About what time is it right now? Okay, about forty years ago, I was working with a fake ID in this bar and met this [???] musician, Peter Thorkelson, and we became fast friends, and it’s forty years later, and he’s still one of my favorite people on the planet. Would you please join me in welcoming my dearest friend, Mr. Peter Tork.



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  1. Live / Backstage @ the Coffee Gallery (2006) (CD).