“Introduction to Yellow Butterfly (live)”

Mike: Alright, so, now let us become the camera. Had the, we had the theater, let’s be the camera for a moment. Our lens is clouded over, so um, we have to pull back, and as we pull back, we reveal a raindrop, and we watch it as it falls to the ground from high up, and as it falls downward, away from us, toward a dark, wet, city street, we pull back, up higher, just keep farther away, so then, then we can see off to our right is a waterfall, and it’s falling hundreds of feet down into an estuary of a white sand tropical jungle beach with arching palm trees out over the ocean. And we keep pulling back, and now we can see all the oceans of the earth. And then we pull back, and we can see our spinning planet as a blue orb in our solar system, and we pull back, and now we can see our galaxy in the universe. It’s our mind’s eye, infinite in its reach, opens the cosmos to us. And then, we gaze in wonder, as our final pull back reveals all of this is reflected in the minute eye of a butterfly that’s just landed on our hand. This is, from tropical campfires, “Yellow Butterfly”.