“Introduction to Some of Shelly’s Blues (live)”


Mike: Alright, well, present day. It’s a small house in a, in a neighborhood just after dark, and it’s the home of a working couple, so it’s a, it’s a small house, it’s cluttered, it’s messy, it’s got old and worn furniture, but it’s been handed down from loving families. And as the night settles in, she kisses her child, pats her off to bed. He sits and studies because, looking for a better future. And then, as she has for some weeks past, she goes to the window and she looks out at the neighborhood houses, and they’re all the same, and then she sees her reflection in the glass, and she only sees herself getting older. So this panic has been creeping in for a while, but now it surrounds her. And she’s never thought of leaving, she’s never thought of running from this life to search out another, but tonight, just in a flash, she’s rationalized it all in her head, and she turns to him and announces her intent. Well, he’s stunned at first. He’s hurt, he’s afraid, he’s sad, and he’s angry, but after a moment, a calm comes over him, a kind of confidence, and he stands, and he pulls her into his arms, then wraps her tight. It takes two to tango, and it takes two to get a divorce, but sometimes, only one, simple, loving thought can save a family. The song is “Some of Shelly’s Blues”.


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