“Introduction to Rio-Casablanca Moonlight Diptych (live)”


Mike: So late in the, the 1920s, in one of the grand cinema palaces that’s just been built. So it empties quickly just after the movies are over, and, but he stays in the theater, and so, pretty quickly, he’s all by himself just sitting in the theater alone. He’s savoring the possibilities that this new cinema thing had just uncovered in his own thought. It’s evoked forgotten desires. And he wonders, would he ever act on them, or should he, or if he were to act, what would he do? Where would he find himself? Who knew the blank white movie screen would be his tabula rasa. Who could have imagined the collective dreaming in the theater would force such questions as what is real, and what is unreal, and if life is a journey, then where is home? From the album Radio Engine to the Photon Wing, this is “Rio” and “Casablanca Moonlight”.


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