“Introduction to Light-Rays Diptych (live)”

Mike: Alright, so, International Space Station. He wakes from his sleep cycle, and then he crawls in the observation pod of the uh, of the space shuttle. And he’s in orbit, high above the planet. And all the other crew members are asleep. And so, he, from here, he can see far out into space. And the stars and all their colors are arrayed before him like the pictures we see of the Hubble telescope. Beautiful things. And the glow of the earth is this arc above him, and moonlight is a reflection of the sun. It slowly occurs to him where once he thought he was in a universe of darkness, he now realizes he’s in a universe of light, in every direction of thought. Everywhere there is darkness, the light destroys it. The darkness is powerless against it. These songs are a diptych, “Light” from Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma and “Rays” from the album of the same name.