“Introduction to Joanne-Silver Moon Diptych (live)”

Mike: Alright, late in the day, timeless, a rural setting, kinda rolling hills and stuff, and it’s a picnic in the meadow, under a big weeping willow tree next to a pond. It’s twilight, so the uh, sky is deep purple and dark orange. The air is sweet with romance. She is in a sundress with a big straw hat and her feet tucked up underneath her. She sits on the grass, and she’s a youthful beauty. Uh, her world is new, uh, full of uh, discovery. She’s fascinated with him, her first love. He is gentle, he’s patient, he’s a bit older, and so he has his own memories of fascinating young women. As the twilight turns to evening, she whispers her first false lover’s promise into his ear, and then walks away toward her home, to her mother and father, from whom he is a secret. Well, he knows what’s happened. The futility of the romance had been clear to him for some time. So, now, as he stands alone in this old kind of dusty road, familiar, he knows he must make his own way back to his own home. Two songs play through this vignette, “Joanne” and “Silver Moon”.