“Introduction to Different Drum (live)”

Mike: Okay, 1950s, a sidewalk cafe in Paris on a sunny day. So there’s cobblestone and there’s the rattle of taxis and the dinging of bicycle bells. And the awning that hangs out from the side of a building over crowded tables, and it’s uh, it bustles like a painting by Renoir. In the midst of this convivial crowd, there’s a couple that sits in silence. Um, she is uh, modern, she’s a beauty in a scarf and big sunglasses and sandals. There’s a distance between she and he, who is a dashing young fellow with fine features, but now, drawn in concern. She wants to be a mother, and he wants to be a lover. So there is sadness, there’s tension, tristesse. They both know that before they can love each other, they must first love the same things. So after a long silence, he says for both of them what must be said. The song is “Different Drum”.