“Introduction to Cruisin’-Dance-Tonight Triptych (live)”


Mike: Okay, on the streets of L.A., three characters meet: Lucy, Ramona, and Sunset Sam. Each one has been lonely, each one searching, all trying to find their own place in the planet, and then when they find that place, they also find each other, much to their surprise, ’cause it’s very unlikely. So they discover a connection, but it’s a connection that sets them free. Alright, so it becomes a cause for celebration, dancing and good times, and the night on the town. And for this {deux} montage, which is—montage is, you know, where the spinning newspapers come sssshhooo like that, with the pretty ladies and the pretty men in it, and then it’s a, dissolves into a picture of a martini glass, and the neon signs, and down over long lines of limos outside of a posh club, and it’s, and then, inside people are dancing frantic and {rompus} and so forth. That’s this. Tonight is the only night. This is from uh, Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma and from the long form video Elephant Parts, a triptych of “Cruisin’”, “Dance”, and “Tonite”.


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