“Introduction (live)”

Davy: Hello.
Micky: Thank you very much.
Peter: Hello then. Welcome to the 1967 Olympics.
Micky: Ha ha ha ha ha.
Davy: Don’t make me laugh. I have chapped lips, Peter. Please, please.
Micky: Ohh, another one of those nights, huh, guys? Great set up again, boys. It’s broken. Completely broken. Broken. Broken. Broken. Doesn’t tighten. Hi. Th-this is David Pearl. He’s trying to fix the microphone stand. It’s broken. Heh heh heh. It’s broken. Heh heh. It’s broken. Heh. It’s broken. Heh. Beautiful. Beautiful. It’s broken.
Peter: Hey, um, I’m sorry we’re so late, but we have a, there’s a, they, the crew messed up on Micky’s mic and uh, that’s Neko over there fixing it. Say hello to Neko. Hello Neko!
Micky: Thank you, Neko. Sock it to me.