“Introduction (live)”

?: Couple of announcements I wanna make uh, first of all uh, we have two people I wanna page. Uh, at intermission, would Mr. Ron Saul please go over to this door on this side. Also Mr. Micky Dolenz is wanted backstage. Wanna thank the many of you who uh, give gifts to the Monkees and different groups in here, and we want you to know that when you leave them at the door, we do get them, and we do give them to the groups, and they appreciate them very much, and that includes the cakes and the various things that you’ve left, and uh, the groups have asked us to express their appreciation to you uh, for the time you took on these projects, and believe me, it’s very thoughtful of each and every one of you. Wanna thank uh, Lan Roberts and Tom Murphy for helping me out up here tonight. Tom’s gonna have a new program right away, you know Jerry Kaye, who’s a great disc jockey, left us and went to WLS Chicago, which was a tremendous break for him. But Tom Murphy’ll be doing the night show now, and I don’t think he’ll offend too many of you. It goes without saying that uh, everybody in Seattle, and if you talk to any of the acts anywhere around the country, you would be surprised how much they talk about Seattle. This has turned out to be an unbelievable town. There are so many shows that come here to town. Really, there is no town, there is no town in the country where as many groups have worked as many nights as in Seattle in the past two or three years. We have more shows here than Los Angeles, did you know that? It’s really quite fantastic. And I gotta tell ya, I gotta tell ya why that is, that’s because you always support them so well, and because everybody in Seattle is so ahead of everybody else and has so much cool and makes them go off just right. And that’s why they have so many shows here. I just wanna remind you that once again, tonight, in the show, the rule is stay in your seat even if you have a camera and you wanna take pictures, you have to take them from your seat. Please do not approach the stage. Some of these days, somebody could stop a show for everyone else by running up to the stage. So stay in your seat, enjoy the show, on behalf of KJR, thank you for coming tonight. A brief intermission, and then the show of shows for you. Thank you all. Back in just a moment.

?: Smoking is permitted on the outer concourses only. Smoking in the outer concourses only. I see some matches being lit up in the upper sections. Please put your cigarettes out and go to the outer concourses and smoke. Both of the outer concourses are open. No smoking in the seating area.

Here we coming
Walking down the street
We get the funniest looks from
Everyone we meet

Micky: Testing.
Davy: Hello.
Micky: Hello!
Davy: One, two.
Micky: Testing.
Peter: Hello.
Davy: One, two.
Micky: Testing.
Davy: Hello.
Micky: Oh, it’s your voice, your voice, Davy!
Peter: They pulled a funny on Mike. He’s got a brand new guitar. And so if we take about two or three hours tuning up, just because we don’t know what we’re doing up here.
Micky: Freak out, freak out, freak out! Ah, thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, it’s so nice to be here tonight in this beautiful fine night here in Seattle. We’d like to [???]. We’re all tuned up, ready to go, with that sound that set it off for us, that medley of our hit, I’m sure you all remember it. [???] David Pearl.
Davy: [???] with you.
Micky: Thank you very much, now the song that set it off for us, I’m sure you remember this song, the beautiful song “Last Train to Clarksville”. Thank you very much. For our next number, we’d like to do that immortal hit. Sock it me, Mike. We’re still tuning folks, hold on, we won’t be just one minute, we’ll be ready to sock it to you with the fun sounds of the all time great group, fab, gear, rock ’n’ roll, yeah, I can dig it. Are ya ready?
Davy: Are you ready?
Micky: Well, we’re not!
Peter: Michael isn’t ready.
Micky: Here we go.
Davy: Okay, fun lovers, here we go.