“Introduction (live)”


Peter: Hello then!
Davy: Hey Mike!
Peter: Happy to see you all here.
Davy: Hi y’all. Hello.
Micky: Wasn’t that great, folks? Heh.
Davy: Wh-why don’t you all kind of sit down, ’cause then we can start, ’cause we’re not gonna start unless you all sit down, you know.
Peter: Fire regulations.
Davy: ’Cause as you know, like, you gotta sit down.
Peter: We’ve got this huge show—
Davy: We have like, we’re gonna be for—
Peter: An hour.
Davy: Hey, listen, we’re gonna be here for about an hour. So.
Peter: A whole hour.
Davy: Sit down!
Peter: Sit down, then, and relax. Take a load off. Atta way. Ba ba.
Davy: You’ve, you’ve really got to sit down, you know. What can you do? What can you do?


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