“I’ll Go Somewhere and Cry”

Walk beneath the blue misty sky
I’ve got a tear here in my eye
Ever since you’ve gone
Everything seems all wrong
I guess I’ll go somewhere and cry
Mm-hm, mm-hm

I had a girl, thought she was true
But today she’s left, leaving me blue
Didn’t even say goodbye
Gosh, I feel like I could die
I guess I’ll go somewhere and cry

Someday she might come back to me
But that day, I’ll probably never see
Told her mom she’d left for good
I’d follow her if I could
Yeah, guess I’ll go somewhere and cry
Yeah, I’m gonna cry
Say I’m gonna cry
Lordy, I’m gonna cry
You know I’m gonna cry
Gonna have a good cry
Mm, I’m gonna cry
Yeah, just gotta cry

  • “It’s My Way” / “I’ll Go Somewhere and Cry” (1964)

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