“Hey Monkee Man”

Micky: Many years ago, uh, uh, back in the sixties, I had the pleasure, the thrill, of going over to the old country, over to the U.K., where I met the members of the royal family. No, not that royal family. The other ones. The Beatles. Uh, and they were very gracious, I met Paul, and uh, we had dinner and chatted, and uh, one night, had a little press-op, and he invited me to some recording sessions, uh, that they were doing, and over the years, I went to a few uh, different recording sessions for uh, that one album called um, Sergeant somethin’… Bilko. That was it. Sorry. Whatever happened to that album? It was so good. Never know. Um, and over the years, like I say, I went to uh, a few recording sessions, and I remember one in particular, I uh, it was uh, uh, a session at Abbey Road Studios, and um, I, uh, I dunno, I guess I was expecting some kinda freak-out Beatlemania psycho jello funfest love-in be-in kinda thing. So I got dressed up accordingly, in my tie-dyed underwear and my paisley bellbottoms, and my hair all up in thing and curlers and glasses, and… I’m, I must look like an idiot; I looked like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Charlie Manson. So I sh—I show up at Abbey Road Studios, limo brings me there in the middle of the day, and I walk in, you know, s—four sheets to the wind, a—where’s the party? And it’s empty. There’s nobody there except the four guys sittin’ in folding chairs, two o’clock in the afternoon, fluorescent lighting. Looked like my high school gymnasium. And there’s nobody there. And John Lennon looks up at me and says, “Hey, Monkee Man”. That’s what he called me. Monkee Man. “You wanna hear what we’re workin’ on?” So I’m uh, I’m trying to be so cool. I’m weeing my pants, of course. I, I’m, you know, it’s The Beatles, I—but I’m, in my best hip-oisie, I’m like uh, “Yeah, far out, John. Right on.” So he points up to George Martin, who’s up in the booth, wearing a three-piece suit in the middle of the day, and he pushes the button on a four track tape recorder, and this is what I hear.