“Grand Ennui (live)”


I was overland tourin’ in my new Ferrari
At just about a hundred and ten
I was on my way home from a sophisticated party
Where I got a little drunk on gin

As the headlights cast
This glow out on the road
I heard this voice inside of me
It said, “You lost the light
Now you’re movin’ through the night
Runnin’ from the grand ennui—I don’t think so
Runnin’ from the grand ennui—yeah, baby”

Well, I reached in my pocket and I pulled out an omega
That was never one second behind
Maybe the horse I was runnin’ at the southern Talladega
Had won for the twenty-second time

Then the countess I was with
She leaned over with a kiss
And put a jeweled hand on my knee
I knew I’d lost the light
Movin’ through the night
Runnin’ from the grand ennui
Yeah, I’m runnin’ from the grand ennui
Had to get home


That night passed in a blaze of glory
With the countess and the car, both mine
Each day passes, it’s the same old story
’Cept this countess has a brand new line

Yet still at night
I’m haunted by the fright
And the distant memory
And the day I lost the light
Movin’ through the night
Runnin’ from the grand ennui—look out
Runnin’ from the grand ennui—in a panic
Runnin’ from the grand ennui

Mike: That’s it! Good night! Thank you! Enjoyed it! Had a good time, safe drive home.


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