“Good Looker”


She jumped on a wagon after our song hit the charts in thirteen cities
She was a real good looker, but she never looked my way, yeah
She sat on the stage everywhere we went while we played the boogie woogie
She had a heart of gold but-a not a lot to say

Then one night, behind the club, you know, she told me that she loved me
Well, I thought it over, and I told her that I felt the same, yeah
We bought a house with a fenced in yard in the north side of the canyon
And we spent that winter listenin’ to the rain

Summer’s here, and our sales went down; the easy, the easy, the easy, the easy, the easy day was over
They took my house and my big black car away, yeah
Back on the road, we took the band, we got to go do the whole thing over
And my good looker was a-lookin’ the other way


Now she’s gone, and I wrote this song, and I took it to the radio station
And it looks like it’s a hit in every way, yeah, yeah, yeah
Town to town, coast to coast, one more time, we’re the nation’s sensation
And-a no good looker’s gonna steal my heart away
Steal my heart away
Steal my heart away


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  1. Cambria Hotel (2007) (CD).