“Folk Music - Peter”


Peter: This is actually, I think this is pretty nearly an authentic—when I was a kid doing this stuff in shops not much smaller than this, we called what I’m about to do “folk music”, because it was written by some folk, as opposed to, of course, there’s a great famous old blues singer named Big Baboonsy. Somebody asked him if he was doing folk music, he said, “I can’t imagine a horse had anything to do with this”. So it falls under that category, but only by contrast because nowadays, when people say “folk music”, they usually mean what James and I are doing, what James is doing, was doing earlier, and what I was doing earlier and will do again, which is basically singer-songwriter with a single guitar, or a couple of people singing with guitars together. Folk only now means singer-songwriter with acoustic guitars, and maybe drums and bass on the records, but this next thing that I’m going to do is a real folk song.



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  1. Live / Backstage @ the Coffee Gallery (2006) (CD).