“Don’t Call on Me”

“Thank you.”
“I can’t remember.”
“Where ya from?”
“Oh, yeah, right, lovely.”
“Can you buy a…”
“Next Thursday night? Right.”
“Ha ha ha ha!”
“That’s a great bar.”
“And now, from the elegant Pump Room of the magnificent Palmer House, high over Chicago, asking that musical question…”

Don’t call on me
When you’re feeling footloose and fancy-free
You’ve done that before
And like a fool, I came back for more

It’s all over now
I’ve finally seen my way
I need you no more
Not now or any other day


Okay, little girl
Live for yourself in your own little world
I know that you’ll find
Someone who’ll play at love, he’ll be just your kind
Be just your kind
Be just your kind
Be just your kind

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