“Bing Crosby Dream ‘… Only One Mind’ (live)”

Mike: Well, uh, I thought uh, ha ha ha ha ha ha, well, yeah, let’s see now uh. I wanna tell you about a dream I had the other night. Kind of, then, then before I go, and so uh, I can share this with ya anyway, which would be nice. I dreamed I was playing golf with Bing Crosby. You know that song? And um, it was really, it was really, this is kind of in response to, to yelling out the songs, you know? Because I can’t do them all. Um. And I got up in the morning I thought well, now that was interesting, wasn’t it. There I was playing golf with Bing Crosby, and it was really sort of bizarre, and he was so nice to me. No, Bob Hope wasn’t there. And uh, I got an idea, or, or an idea kind of arose, and it has to do with this business of oneness. Of all being of the same mind. And I thought, well, now, how does that work? Because I mean, I’m not Bing Crosby. And Bing Crosby isn’t me, and Bing Crosby isn’t uh, Joe Smith, you know? I mean Bing Crosby is Bing Crosby, and yet, somehow, I was pretty sure that uh, um, there, there is only one mind. Do you hear that? Okay, and, and uh, so I um, began to think, you know, it’s nice we got Bing Crosby, because Bing Crosby provides all of us with our Bing Crosby. And Bob Hope provides everybody with our Bob Hope. Well, that’s kind of what I do. I provide us all with our Bing Crosby. And as a matter of fact, that uh, within each one of us, just like there is uh, all of you inside of me, well, I’m in all of you. You dig that? You see? Well, I thought I’d bring it up. I know it’s a little hard when you’re drunk, ha ha ha.