“Bach, Two Part Invention in F”

Micky: One of my favorite part of my show, I’ve got to admit, this is when we take you back, not one decade, not two, not three, but thirty decades, with the aid of this illustrious garment that Mr. Peter H. Thorkelson is wearing. We are going to take you back three hundred years—blabala—three hundred—pfft. I washed my tongue today, I—
Micky and Peter: Can’t do a thing with it.
Micky: Back three hundred years, to another time, another place.
Peter: Another time, another place.
Micky: Peter H. Thorkelson is going to perform for you now—
Peter: A gentler time, and yet more brutal.
Micky: A brutal gentle time, an ugly clean pretty time.
Peter: A happier time, yet more tragic.
Micky: A sad time. Mr. Peter H. Thorkelson will now perform for you the two part invention number eight in F, by a great pop songwriter of his time, Mr. Johann Sebastian Bach. Otherwise known to his friends and contemporaries as Puff Bach, Daddy Sea, Puff, Bach-o, Bach-o, Daddy Bach-o.
Peter: He does make it difficult to maintain a precious, serious moment like this… Hey! You with the spotlight? I need—thank you, I need to be able to.


Micky: Yeaaah! Woo!

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