Songs Performed by Adam Schlesinger (22 songs)

“Birth of an Accidental Hipster”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass, Piano, Percussion
“Christmas Party”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass
“Good Times”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Guitar
“House of Broken Gingerbread”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocal
“I Know What I Know”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Piano, Bass, Guitar, Chamberlin
“I Was There (And I’m Told I Had a Good Time)”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Piano, Bass
“I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Piano, Keyboard
“Jesus Christ”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Piano, Keyboard
“Little Girl”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass
“Me & Magdalena”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Piano, Drums
“Me & Magdalena (Version 2)”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass, Organ
“Mele Kalikimaka”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass
“Merry Christmas, Baby”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Keyboard
“Our Own World”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
“She Makes Me Laugh”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass
“Silver Bells”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass
“Terrifying”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass, Guitar
“Unwrap You at Christmas”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Keyboard, Guitar
“What Would Santa Do”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Keyboard
“Whatever’s Right”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass
“Wonderful Christmastime”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Bass, Keyboard
“You Bring the Summer”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Bass, Keyboard