A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Peter Sings—Be There! Micky Directs A Video! Davy’s Got A Brand New Album And Video! See The Monkees On A Roll! Peter Sings!

Two of the three claims against the Monkees made by promoter David Fishof were dismissed by the court of New York! There’s only one that remains and it is being hashed out by the various attorneys involved. The Monkees may very well walk away from that one too, so it’s good news all the way around for Peter, Micky and Davy. In fact, now they can devote their time to… Monkee business—the film and the new LP that will lead to a brand new tour!

After the Monkees successful tour of Australia last fall, Peter did a few U.S. club dates on his own. He performed at venues on the east coast and here are exclusive pix taken by Monkees’ photographer Mike Bush at the Big Apple’s Speakeasy!

While Micky’s personally busy working on a film called Repossessed, he’s also trying to get a Monkee’s film happening. In fact, Columbia, the company that created The Monkees, is involved as well. Micky’s also directed a video for a group called Rich Street, is continuing his education by taking college credits and expects to take part in the LA celebrity polo scene especially now that he’s bought a couple of his own polo ponies!

Look for Davy to release his solo album, Incredible, on his own private label—along with a video of what it’s like to be Davy Jones! Both will be available through Dome Press, PO Box 400, Beavertown, PA 17813, so drop him a line to find out when and how you can order copies!

Back from Australia and fresh from a court victory. The Monkees, Peter, Davy, and Micky (left to right) had lots to smile about!

Peter on keyboards and electric guitar on opening night! The shirt he’s wearing was designed by his girlfriend Jennifer McLeod!

Backstage with bandmates (left to right) Michael, Jerry and Mel! (Shirt by Jennifer!)

Peter played to a full house at Speakeasy and even presented a lucky 16er with an autographed pic for her Sweet 16!

Peter and Jennifer backstage on closing night! Aren’t they cute!?!

Davy’s book, They Made A Monkee Out Of Me, is now available on audio cassette through Dome Press!

Micky and Davy—a couple of really busy Monkees!

Magazine: 16
Pages: 47–48