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Magazine: RockLine!
Editor: Hedy End, Randi Reisfeld
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: Kia-Ora Publications, Inc.
Pages: 4–5

Bon Jovi

Dear RockLine!

I think Jon and the rest of the guys in the group are fantastic performers. It takes a lot of courage and guts to do what they do, (especially) never to give up or lose hope when the times get tough. Bon Jovi has been through it all and stuck by each other. Thank you for your album. I’m one fan who will stick by you through thick and thin.

Erika Sullivan
Linton, IN

George Newbern

Dear RockLine!

Could you please tell me how old George Newbern is? (He was in the Disney Sunday movie, Double Switch). Also, does he have a girlfriend and will he be in any movies in the future?

Lydia Pham

Dear Lydia,

Watch for this cutie to appear in Adventures In Babysitting this summer alongside Elisabeth Shue of Karate Kid fame. As for girlfriends, George is unattached, so if you’re “honest and sincere,” you’re just the kind of girl he likes!

Monkees back issues

Dear RockLine!

Help! I just absolutely live for David T. Jones, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz!! I heard you have (lots of) pages in the February 1987 issue. I can’t find it in any stores; neither can my two other Monkee maniac friends. Please tell me how to get two copies. PLEASE, WITH SUGAR ON TOP!

“Robbie J. Thork”
Fairport, NY

Dear “Robbie”

Check out page 9 of this issue and find out how you and your friends—and Monkee maniacs everywhere!—can order Monkees back issues, including the February issue of RockLine! which had an entire Special Section on the boys!

Julian Lennon

Dear RockLine!

I had to write to tell Julian Lennon that me and my friends love him. He has good music, and he is very good looking. He is loved a lot and I think it is very sad that he doesn’t know it. But I am telling him now we like him, so don’t worry. Keep making the good tunes.

Kelley Fuller
Woodbridge, VA

The RockLine! soapbox—a-ha!

Dear RockLine!

To all a-ha fans! We were wondering if you felt the same way we do. We totally love a-ha, but we feel too many people don’t give Mags and Pal the credit they deserve. Nothing against Morten—we love him just as much—but Mags, Morten and Pal are what make up a-ha. Without those three together it wouldn’t be the same!!!

Kim Meade and Heather Miller
Bowling Green, KY

Contest winner

Dear RockLine!

Thank you so much for the Julian Lennon book. I enjoy it a lot.

Renee Lawson
Widefield, CO

The Nelson twins

Dear RockLine!

I was so happy to find (in the February issue of RockLine!) pics of the Nelson twins. Hope to see more of them in the near future. When (their father) Rick was killed it seemed like I had lost one of my own family. I loved him and his music very much. I will be looking for more about the Nelsons in RockLine!

Dallas, TX

Dear RockLine!

Thanks for the article on Gunnar Nelson. He is my very favorite. Even my older sister thinks he is cute. Tell him his fans in L.A. love him!

Darlene Gibson
Los Angeles, CA

Dear RockLine!

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the article in your February issue on the Nelsons. I am so glad we have RockLine! to depend on to give us pictures of our faves when no other magazines seem to care just because they don’t have a Top 40 hit—yet! Thanks for looking ahead for the great talent coming up.

Lisa Todwell
Santa Ana, CA

Dear RockLine!

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I loved your article on Gunnar and Matthew Nelson!!! RockLine! is the first to have such exclusive pictures of the guys, and what great pictures they are. My friends and I have fallen madly in love with these gorgeous Nelson brothers and are looking forward to more great pics. RockLine!, you are the best!

Kathy Lennen

Dear RockLine!

When I received the February issue of RockLine! I was thrilled to find snaps of the Nelson boys. I will treasure these snaps always. Please print more…

Mesquite, TX

Dear Nelson fans,

Turn to page 14 for more on those dynamite Nelson twins!

Original Monkees vs. New Monkees

Dear RockLine!

The original Monkees are better than the New Monkees… If the New Monkees want to (be) a group they should have their own name.

Vanessa Ryan
St. Louis, MO

Dear RockLine!

I don’t see why people are making such a big deal about the New Monkees. I’m a big fan of the original Monkees. No one can replace Micky, Davy, Peter or Mike, but I don’t see why four new boys can’t get a chance at stardom… You shouldn’t judge them just because the producers of the original Monkee show thought about having a New Monkee show. Wait till their new songs and show come out. I’m sure original Monkee fans will like them and maybe some won’t. Give the New Monkees a chance. I will never take sides between them, I hope you don’t either.

Sharon Carota
Latrobe, PA

Dear RockLine!

I’m writing to thank you for printing great articles about the Monkees. Also about the New Monkees: I really think the idea stinks. No one can be the same as gorgeous Davy Jones or funny Micky Dolenz or quiet and sensitive Peter Tork or serious Mike Nesmith. Who do they think they are?

A Forever Monkee Fan
Unity, ME

Dear RockLine!

We just wanted to tell you how much we love your Monkees facts and pics. They are wonderful and groovy. On the New Monkees: we think it’s a stone drag and we think each Monkee should have picked someone to be a New Monkee. They also should have picked another name for the group. We are living in the ’80s not the ’60s.

Lynne & Joanne

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