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’Twas reported in the New York papers that Tony Danza (who used to be a boxer) accidentally gave his friend Aidan Quinn a ‘bop’ on the head a little harder than intended: Aidan’s head was cut open! . . . He’s from the TV show L.A. Law, but Corbin Bernson (Arnie Becker) spent hiatus time in New York filming the movie Hello Again, a supernatural comedy, with Shelley Long . . . There’s a sandwich at the Stage Deli named after Molly Ringwald—what an honor! . . . Native New Yorkers Matt Dillon and Andrew McCarthy are set to star in a new movie called Kansas, about bank robbers. Guess where it’ll film? . . . John Lennon and Paul McCartney were inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame along with Sam Cooke and Carole King . . . Laura Branigan’s still involved in nasty legal tangles with her former agent . . . Bob Dylan got a bad review for his performance at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music Gershwin Celebration . . . Duran Duran still have some of their costumes designed by New York designer Dianne Brill who’s writing an advice book for girls . . . Vinnie Vincent and Dana Strum were mistaken for movie actors when they strolled by the Greenwich Village site where Cher’s Moonstruck was being filmed. “You’re late!” said a production person. “We’ve held up everything for you! Get your tails into make-up!” Believe it or not . . . John Lennon’s tapestries, sketches and neon sculptures are on display at Frankel’s in Palm Beach, Florida . . . So far, no plans to release a video of the Boss’ Born In The USA tour . . . Husker Du’s young manager, David Savoy, died, and the band postponed part of their tour . . . Cameo’s Larry Blackmon is writing a screenplay and producing the Pet Shop Boys . . . The Replacements will go on as a three-piece band after the departure of Bob Stinson . . . Mid-Genesis tour, Phil Collins did a dozen gigs with Eric Clapton . . . A New York teacher’s union felt the name of NBC’s new series about teachers, The Bronx Zoo, was “an insult,” and asked that the show’s title be changed. NBC refused . . . Lisa Bonet, of The Cosby Show, auditioned for a role in Some Kind Of Wonderful, but didn’t get it . . . Charlie Sheen gets a chance to act with his dad Martin in the upcoming movie, Wall Street.

What made Christopher Reeve agree to Superman IV (after he swore he’d never do another?). The promise of starring in Street Smart first, for the same movie company—Chris proves he’s more than the man of steel in this one! . . . Charlie Sheen’s powerful Platoon arrives on home video cassette in September . . . Michael J. Fox was paid in excess of $750,000 for his newest Pepsi commercial . . . In the ‘Life Imitates Art’ Dept.: Tommy Howell’s new movie, A Tiger’s Tale, has him romancing a much-older Ann-Margret—in real life, 20-year-old Tom’s dated 30-ish Sheree Wilson (Dallas) . . . Is it really true that ‘Brat Packers’ Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe & Judd Nelson left an embarrassingly small tip after running up a $400 restaurant bill? The waiter reportedly admonished them, “You each earn 10 times more than anyone here . . . you might be the Brat Pack, but you should learn to tip like adults.” His tip was then tripled, so the story goes . . . John’s older sister Ellen Travolta snared a regular part on the new Scott Baio starrer, Charles In Charge . . . Though his movie Mannequin was put down by the critics, Andrew McCarthy must have lotsa star power: audiences made it a box office hit! Of the flick, Andrew says, “It’s silly, but fun, kind of.” . . . Gregory Harrison’s making a surfing movie in Hawaii called The North Shore. Young co-star Matt Adler (Flight Of The Navigator) is refusing to cooperate with the press . . . In the original ending of Risky Business, Tom Cruise’s character did not get away with all that merry-making; he didn’t get into college and he didn’t get the girl! The ending was changed when preview audiences didn’t like it . . . Valerie Bertinelli’s following up I’ll Take Manhattan with a TV mini about a woman with multiple personalities. Then she’s considering the I’ll Take Manhattan TV series! . . . Despite all the rumors, do Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis really like each other? Check out this pic! . . . Jelly Bean Benitez, ex-boyfriend of Madonna and red-hot record producer, is musical supervisor on the movie The Principal, which stars Jim Belushi and Rae Dawn Chong. Should be a fabulous soundtrack . . . The now defunct Doors will have a lively year in ’87 with a full-length video, MCA and Elektra Records EP and a remastered CD catalog available to one and all . . . Warner Brothers threatened to sue radio station KIIS for allegedly playing Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times” single two days early . . . Yoko Ono is slated to do the feature Donor with Paul Robeson, Jr. . . . The stars are sellin’ albums like crazy! Whitney Houston’s debut LP: 8 million! Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet: 6 million! Boston and Madonna’s last albums: 4 million . . . Who’s that playing Danny Glover’s wife in Lethal Weapon? Why it’s none other than rocker Darlene Love! . . . Fleetwood Mac’s current LP may be their last . . . The Doors’ Robbie Krieger wrote the score for an hour-long documentary on the homeless called Who Are They? . . . The Doobie Brothers united at the Hollywood Bowl to do a show for the Vietnam Veterans Art Foundation . . . Lou Gramm of Foreigner has a solo LP out called Ready Or Not. Truth is, he’s been ready to solo for ages. Says he, “I would have done this in 1982 but my contract limited me to recording just for Foreigner.” . . . Madonna may take the Marlene Dietrich role in Diane Keaton’s remake of Blue Angel . . . Some con artists posed as members of ZZ Top. They were arrested. . . . Simple Minds will cut down on touring. Jim Kerr wants to spend more time with wife Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders and baby Yasmin . . . Because of an error, IRS Records “forgot” to renew Belinda Carlisle’s contract. That started all kinds of bidding from other record companies for the talented, ex-Go-Go lead singer who’s now a solo act . . . Ex-Eagle guitarist Bernie Leadon replaces John McEven in the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. John’s gone solo . . . The lawyers are involved in the Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot split). Since Kevin is the founder and principal songwriter of Quiet Riot, how can the other three members, who Kevin hired, take the band’s name? . . . That’s what Kevin wants to know! . . . Rick Springfield’s got himself a new manager. Watch for the action to begin . . . Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and John Fogerty joined Taj Mahal for a major jam session at the Palomino Club . . . Busy Patrick Swayze co-stars with his wife Lisa Niemi in the movie Nomad, but see him first in Dirty Dancing, a musical love story featuring Jennifer Grey (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off); it’ll be out in August . . . Head Of The Class-mates Dan Schneider, who plays “Dennis,” and Brian Robbins, “Eric”, are best friends on and off the set . . . Don Johnson dropped his publicist in an effort to lower his glossy profile . . . Molly Ringwald doesn’t do radio interviews . . . Brooke Shields has appeared on Bob Hope’s TV specials 17 different times . . . Ami Dolenz, daughter of Monkees’ Micky, has done guest spots on Growing Pains, The Equalizer and more! . . . Don Johnson’s directing his ex-wife Melanie Griffith, on a new Miami Vice segment; their characters fall in love.

What famous glam-rocker is legally not allowed to mention his former membership in a red-hot rock band in any of his publicity?

Is it possible that the reason a young actress’s marriage plans to a young actor) were postponed had to do with those controversial photos she posed for some years ago??

Emilio Estevez is filming a new movie, Stakeout, in Vancouver. He plays a detective—Aidan Quinn’s in it too . . . ’Tis tattled that George Harrison thinks Sean Penn “screwed up” his movie Shanghai Surprise . . . John Travolta stars in the TV dramatic special, The Dumb Waiter, written by Harold Pinter . . . David Cassidy is starring on the London stage in the musical, Time . . . Mick Hucknall of Simply Red wrote their big hit “Holding Back The Years” in two parts: one section at age seventeen and the rest many years later . . . Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees has formed a new company to develop TV and film projects . . . Led Zep and Willie Dixon have reached a settlement. Willie claimed Led Zep’s “Whole Lotta Love” was based on his “You Need Love” . . . George Michael’s ex-girl has allegedly told anyone who’ll listen that George is frightened of crashing when he flies in a plane and worries about his weight and hair all the time! P.S. George had an accident in his Mercedes. He’s okay . . . Genesis, Dire Straits and Eurythmics have all presented tiny little tour jackets to Prince’s William and Harry of England—Di and Chuck’s kids! . . . Roger Daltrey’s in the film Dark Tower . . . Europe is the third group named after a continent to reach the Top 40. Asia and America are the other two . . . Keren Woodward of Bananarama put her baby’s heartbeat on tape—before he was born—and the beat was synthesized onto the 12-inch mix of Bananarama’s “Trick Of The Night!” . . . Rob Lowe’s in the Bahamas learning to sail, in preparation for his next movie, Dying For Love.

Magazine: RockLine!
Editor: Hedy End, Randi Reisfeld
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: Kia-Ora Publications, Inc.
Pages: 52–54