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RUMOR: Kevin Dubrow is really upset by Quiet Riot’s comments about his being “fired.”
FACT: Not so you’d notice, though he must feel terribly hurt. Kevin got busy right away producing a new band down in Tampa called Juliett and now he’s starting his own solo career. It was Kevin, after all, who created Quiet Riot.

RUMOR: Bruce Springsteen is recording with Little Steven.
FACT: On a single called “Trail Of Broken Treaties” for Steven’s new LP.

RUMOR: TV’s Hard Copy, which starred Dean Devlin was axed.
FACT: Back in March.

RUMOR: Huey Lewis gave a lot of money to charity.
FACT: Most recently $250,000 to the University of California at San Francisco and to San Francisco General Hospital. It will be used to train physicians in the treatment of AIDS and for support services for AIDS victims.

RUMOR: Tina Yothers, who plays Jennifer on Family Ties, wrote a naughty book.
FACT: Her Being Your Best: Tina Yothers Guide For Girls is a frank self-help book for pre-teens covering subjects from beauty and health tips to divorce and disease. Some young adults’ book clubs have rejected it.

RUMOR: The Cosby Show’s Lisa Bonet made an X-rated movie.
FACT: Ten seconds had to be cut from Angel Heart to bring its original X-rating to its present R-rating.

RUMOR: Daryl Hall and Michael J. Fox are working together.
FACT: Well, sorta. Daryl and Bananarama were supposedly working on a song for Michael’s new movie Secret Of My Success. Meanwhile, Night Ranger does the title tune on their current LP.

RUMOR: Cybill Shepherd’s expecting a baby.
FACT: It’ll be twins in October for Cybill, recently wed to chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim—Cybill’s already mom to Clementine, 7 years old. this summer.

RUMOR: Mick Jagger will tour this summer.
FACT: Late summer—probably. He doesn’t want to compete with the superstar line-up that’s out there now. It’s a tour worth waiting for though—Mick’s new songs have been worked on by Jeff Beck, G.E. Smith, Omar Hakim and Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart!

RUMOR: Elton John will live in America.
FACT: Could be. Elton’s so tired of being dragged through the pages of the British tabloids, he really may settle in the States.

RUMOR: Dee Snider has his own TV show.
FACT: Uh-uh, but isn’t that a great idea? Dee is guesting on the new series The New Adventures Of Beans Baxter, a spy spoof. He’s also written a book called Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide. Watch for them both.

RUMOR: Family Ties is going off the air.
FACT: After next season (’87-’88) creative head Gary David Goldberg says he’s calling it quits. Most of the cast—including Michael J. Fox—have said they’ll leave if he does. Meredith Baxter-Birney (mom Elyse) may not wait that long—she’s reportedly eager to leave now. Stay tuned folks!

RUMOR: Fame was cancelled.
FACT: The cast taped their last original episode back on March 26. Fame will, however, “live forever” in re-run land!

RUMOR: Cher and Sonny Bono are fighting.
FACT: Seems Sonny isn’t thrilled with Cher’s public opinion of him, but they’re not really “fighting.”

RUMOR: Bruce Willis broke his collarbone.
FACT: In a skiing accident last February—he’s all mended now.

RUMOR: Molly Ringwald’s dating Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz.
FACT: Looks that way—though insiders gossip he’s just trying to make his old girlfriend jealous by dating one of Hollywood’s most desirable young actresses.

RUMOR: Eddie Murphy was sued.
FACT: For several million by a man who claims Eddie hired him to be his agent. The man has allegedly never paid Eddie any commission.

RUMOR: The Knack (“My Sharonna”) have reunited.
FACT: Yes! They’re gigging in L.A.

RUMOR: Duran Duran’s record used to come in a naughty sleeve.
FACT: In Canada fans are still getting it! Up north “Skin Trade’s” sleeve has somebody’s derriere on it; in the States, the cover is a solid red!

RUMOR: Steve Stevens is leaving Billy Idol to work with Michael Jackson.
FACT: Nope. Steven simply guests on Michael’s new. LP.

RUMOR: Sting will have his own record company.
FACT: Could be. He and Miles Copeland, head of IRS Records, are talking about it.

RUMOR: L.A. Law’s Harry Hamlin is getting divorced.
FACT: Harry and Laura Johnson just celebrated their first anniversary in March—they’re very much together.

RUMOR: Lionel Richie left his manager, USA For Africa’s Ken Kragen.
FACT: For the second time. This time it looks as though it’s for good.

RUMOR: Gene Simmons will have his own TV series.
FACT: He almost did. KISS’ famous bassist did the pilot for Jon Sable, but he’s no longer involved with the program.

RUMOR: The reason they put a Pepsi commercial on the Top Gun videocassette is because Tom Cruise likes to drink it.
FACT: In what will become a trend, a commercial does appear on the home video cassette Top Gun. It was done, ’tis explained, so the home video price could be lowered—Top Gun sells for $26.95.

RUMOR: Madonna will no longer make any films.
FACT: Yes, she will. Next one is tentatively titled Can’t Buy Me Love—with Rob Lowe.

RUMOR: Andrew Ridgeley’s doing some acting.
FACT: In Riders, an adaptation of a Jilly Cooper novel.

RUMOR: Cyndi Lauper is making a film.
FACT: Called Vibes, which co-stars Dan Aykroyd.

RUMOR: Cheap Trick put out an unusual video.
FACT: A historic video! “It’s Only Love” includes a translation for the hearing impaired.

RUMOR: Peter Frampton is giving up singing.
FACT: Only lead singing—and only for a short while. He’s touring with David Bowie this summer as lead guitarist.

RUMOR: Duran had trouble making their documentary in L.A.
FACT: True. The $100,000 rockumentary called for 150 roles of black and white film, but they couldn’t get that many in all of California—so they phoned home to England and got some!

RUMOR: Val Kilmer has an HBO Special.
FACT: He’s starring in a made-for-cable original drama, The Man Who Broke A Thousand Chains, expected to air on HBO this summer.

RUMOR: Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore won’t wed any time soon.
FACT: Some say they’ve broken up for good!

RUMOR: Sarah Jessica Parker broke up with Robert Downey because she fell in love with Michael J. Fox.
FACT: Sarah, last seen in TV’s A Year In The Life, broke up with actor Robert Downey (Tuff Turf) a few months ago. She and Michael share the same publicist, but are not dating, let alone in love.

RUMOR: Andy Taylor’s having a baby.
FACT: Wife Tracey is expecting their second child next month!

RUMOR: Madonna fell and hurt herself while dancing at Who’s That Girl’s wrap party.
FACT: Nope. She just boogied some—on the floor!

RUMOR: Keel did the title track to Nightmare On Elm Street III—Dream Warriors.
FACT: Nope. “Dream Warriors” belongs to Dokken.

RUMOR: Jane Weidlin was arrested.
FACT: For her part in a demonstration against animal research practices at UCLA. She went to jail for five days and was on a hunger strike during that time!

RUMOR: Ozzy Osbourne works as a babysitter.
FACT: He’s got six kids of his own, so you can be sure he doesn’t hire out for babysitting work! What you heard about must be the fact that Ozzy offered to babysit for somebody’s children as a prize for the Special Olympics fundraiser.

RUMOR: Rick Neilsen’s doing a movie.
FACT: Eventually, perhaps, but Rick recently lost out on the opportunity to play Zippy, The Pin Head, a comic strip character, on the big screen. Randy Quaid got the part. The flick’s producer? Monkee Michael Nesmith!

RUMOR: Corey Feldman of Stand By Me let his hair grow long just for the movie Lost Boys.
FACT: He did. Here’s a picture.

RUMOR: Matthew Broderick was supposed to star in the movie version of Brighton Beach Memoirs.
FACT: He starred in the play and originally was primed for the movie version: by the time the movie started, Matthew was thought a bit too old to portray teenaged Eugene Jerome. He will, however, play a somewhat older Eugene in the movie version of the play Biloxi Blues.

RUMOR: Brian Bloom plans to begin a movie career.
FACT: As soon as he graduates high school (June ’88).

RUMOR: Johnny Depp, of Nightmare On Elm Street, stars in a TV series.
FACT: It’s the Fox Production Network’s 21 Jump Street—it’s on now.

RUMOR: Maxwell Caulfield was injured on the set of The Colbys and may be permanently blind in one eye.
FACT: Thinking they were his customary eyedrops, Maxwell took a small plastic bottle and squeezed a drop of its contents into his eye. Turned out to be glue! He was rushed to the hospital and, luckily, he’s fine now, no lasting damage.

RUMOR: Don Johnson’s dating his ex-wife Melanie Griffith.
FACT: Among others.

Magazine: RockLine!
Editor: Hedy End, Randi Reisfeld
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: Kia-Ora Publications, Inc.
Pages: 69–70, 72