Star Gazing

Hi! I hope everything is going good with you and that you’ve made some exciting plans for the next few hot months. Whether you decide to lounge around the pool or beach, or start working a summer job to earn some extra cash, remember to enjoy yourself and keep busy! We’ve been talking with some of the stars and found out what they’ve been up to and what they have planned for the summer, so let’s get to it . . . JON BON JOVI is enjoying his new found fame and hasn’t had a minute to really sit down and think about it. Because of his skyrocketing success, he’s been over in Europe a lot lately and will continue to tour this summer. In between all this traveling, JON surprisingly made time to record a duet with CHER for her next album. Now that should be an interesting tune! . . . Speaking of hot careers, TOM CRUISE seems to have a magical touch lately. Everything he does is getting rave reviews and his next movie sounds like a sure hit, too. It’s called Rainman, and TOM will be starring in the film with DUSTIN HOFFMAN . . . THE MONKEES have set off a revival in the interest of the 1960’s and earlier days . . . STAR recently caught FRANKIE AVALON and ANNETTE FUNICELLO back on the beach in Malibu, California, filming another fun-in-the-sun flick. It’s called—what else but Back To The Beach. Rumor has it some very familiar, but rarely seen, stars will appear in it . . . Also finishing up new films early this summer are MICHAEL J. FOX, ROB LOWE and CHARLIE SHEEN. MICHAEL J.’s latest is called Bright Lights, Big City and will hopefully be an even bigger success than his previous films. The Family Ties star is also setting up a deal to star in the sequel to Back To The Future. We’re all looking forward to that. As for MICHAEL doing a movie with BRUCE WILLIS, we’ll let you know the latest developments . . . ROB LOWE is busy putting the finishing touches on his movie entitled Dying For Love. This looks like one of the most dramatic roles ROB has ever attempted, but we’ll bet his wedding day will be even more moving. He assures us he’s not worried or nervous about that big day coming up in September, but ROB does seem preoccupied lately . . . Since she left Fame, NIA PEEPLES has been keeping pretty busy. A record deal is still in the works and she recently flew to Hawaii to star in a movie with GREGORY HARRISON, whom you probably remember as “Gonzo” on Trapper John. Luckily NIA and fiance CARLO IMPERATO have their wedding date set for December, so they have plenty of time to make arrangements . . . If Moonlighting is one of your favorite shows, and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is your fave musician, you’re in for a major treat. THE BOSS loves the slightly off-beat series and has agreed to guest star in one of the episodes next fall. This will be one of the first times BRUCE has performed as an actor, and he told us that he definitely will not play a rock ’n’ roller or sing when he makes his television debut with CYBILL SHEPHERD and BRUCE WILLIS . . . Some musicians write lyrics while driving, others think of melodies while in the shower, or sitting on the beach—but who writes a song over the telephone? MADONNA and DON JOHNSON, that’s who! It seems DON was in Miami and MADONNA was in New York when they decided to compose a song together. Neither wanted to wait until they could make time in their schedules to meet in person, so they did it over the phone. It took over four hours! Any bets on who’s going to pick up the phone bill? . . . DURAN DURAN have set up tentative dates for their continued tour, which includes Australia, Japan and the U.S. Listen to your local radio stations to catch them when they play near you. If you ever happen to be in Canada and see the DURAN album, Skin Trade, you’ll notice that the cover is quite different from the solid red cover here in the States. The original design is an illustration of a bare, rear view of a woman. Many record stores were afraid of the objections some people might have to that type of album jacket, so many retailers refused to stock the original one . . . One band that may never play together again is the legendary ROLLING STONES. Although they have had problems in the past, it looks like MICK JAGGER and BILL WYMAN have irreconcilable differences this time. Hopefully they will be able to get together again, but the only thing that looks definite right now is that MICK’s second solo album is coming out this fall . . . We’ll be back with more info next month. Until then . . . Enjoy!

Magazine: Star
Editor: Michael Edrei
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Pages: 8–9