My Favorite Monkee Poll Results

In the March issue of STAR, we asked readers to tell us who their favorite Monkee is. After some heavy duty tabulation, we’ve got some results which may (or may not) surprise you. Now we all know that all the Monkees are terrific, and that it’s very hard to single out just one of the group, but when readers were forced to choose just one of the Monkees—Davy Jones came out top banana! In fact, after all the votes were counted, 40 percent of you picked Davy as your favorite Monkee! Although it would be impossible to print ALL the reasons why people love their particular choice, here’s a sampling of what STAR readers said about their favorite Monkee…

Davy was the top choice for many different reasons.

“I like his accent and the way he says ‘you must be joking,’” Toni, Magnotta, New York.

“Davy’s my favorite because he loves horses (so do I), he’s British, and he’s short (I’ve always loved England and short guys.)” Wendy Owens, Kentucky

“He’s got the dreamiest bod and the grooviest smile.” Mari Sanchez, Michigan

“He’s sweet, kind and just plain irresistible! Good things come in small packages!” Colleen Brennan, Pennsylvania

“Davy’s my prince charming!” Jennifer Webb, Maryland

Micky Dolenz, meanwhile, came in second with 30 percent of the votes for the favorite Monkee, and everyone agrees that Micky’s ability to make us laugh is his best asset.

“He’s an original. He makes me laugh! He has a very distinct personality which no one can match.” Mary Carson, New Jersey

“He’s funny and cute, and a good singer and drummer.” Kristen Childress, Wisconsin

“Micky’s so energetic, and does the best impressions.” Sonya Grace, Florida

“Micky’s charm and wit has endeared him to many people, especially me!! He’s a very intelligent and very talented person, who knows how to put his many talents to the best possible use.” Terri Hatfield, Ontario, Canada

Peter Tork came in third, with 20 percent of the overall votes for favorite Monkee. Peter’s fans commented on his winning smile, dimples and social conscience.

“‘God is Love and peace lies within,’ I love his motto.” Lucie Peluso, New York

“He did such a good job playing a dummy when he is really very intelligent.” Veronica Rodriguez, Texas

“Peter’s my favorite Monkee because of his beautiful dimples and smile.” Carrie Filter, Ohio

“He’s always striving for peace and that’s what the world needs.” Patty Carin, Massachusetts

“Peter’s inner goodness and musical abilities shine through… I may be happily married to my husband… but I still love Peter Tork for himself.” Mrs. Kathleen Green, New York

Mike Nesmith fans accounted for 10 percent of the favorite Monkee ballots STAR received. Naturally, fans are drawn to his sparkling eyes, warm intelligence and of course, his green wool hat!!!

“He’s so sincere and practical, but funny too.” J.J. Verburg, New Jersey

“I love his Texas accent and his green hat.” Lisa Szejnar, New York

“He’s a leader, and a great singer and songwriter too.” Lisa Mason, Virginia

“Mike’s my favorite Monkee because he’s got brooding eyes, a mischievous smile and just enough ‘strong silence’ to make it all breathtakingly irresistible.” Tracey Pitocchelli, Florida

“Mike’s smart and witty but most of all he’s adorable!” Julie Feldman, Pennsylvania

But then some fans said that they couldn’t choose a favorite because Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike are all such special guys.

“I’m a loyal Monkees fan, and I couldn’t pick a favorite because they’re all so special in different ways.” Kim Tucker, Utah

“They’re all my favorite because one without the others wouldn’t be the Monkees.” Jennifer Sassen, Michigan

Magazine: Star
Editor: Michael Edrei
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 55