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Dear Star:

It’s nice to know that Chad Allen is really such a nice, normal guy as well as a famous television actor. Thanks for all the great stories on this adorable guy and, of course, all the fantastic photos.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Star:

I love reading your magazine, especially the articles on Rob Lowe (who’s probably the best-looking guy ever created), plus Kirk Cameron, and Ralph Macchio. Keep up the good work and keep those color pin-ups coming.

Eloy, AZ

Dear Star:

Don Johnson hasn’t been featured in your magazine for the longest time. I mean, stories on Rob Lowe and Kirk Cameron are fine, but they’re mere boys compared to the Miami Vice babe!!

San Jose, CA

Dear Star:

Thanks for printing all the great articles on the Monkees, I think they’re the funniest, cutest, sexiest group to ever come together then and now. How about some more stuff on what they’re going to do in the future?

New York, NY

Dear Star:

I was really excited to get the facts about new Menudo, Ralphy Rodriguez. The color picture was great. With those beautiful, dark eyes of his, he’s sure to be a success!! Please print more photos of him and all the Menudos. They’re still the hottest group around, with or without Charlie Rivera.

Honesdale, PA

Dear Star:

Could you please print more on my favorite Menudo, Sergio? He’s really cute, especially with Menudo’s new look! Serg is my favorite member of Menudo since Ray Reyes left. If you have anything on what Ray has been doing since he left, I would appreciate that too! Thanks a lot and keep up the great work you do on keeping us fans informed!!

Springfield, MA

Dear Star:

Thanks for all the facts about Rob Lowe. He’s truly one of the best young actors today. And how about some more articles on the rest of the “brat pack?” I’d love to read more about Emilio Estevez, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore and the rest. Thanks.

Bergenfield, NJ

Dear Star:

I’m so glad that Eric Stoltz has come out from behind the “mask” he wore as “Rocky Dennis.” I couldn’t believe how really cute he is! I just saw Some Kind of Wonderful and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Can we see some more of this beautiful blue-eyed babe? I’d like to know some more about Eric.

Baltimore, MD

Dear Star:

Michael J. Fox is not only the cutest star in the business, he’s also the most talented. I love to watch him as Alex on Family Ties and now he’s proven that he can move into the movies with as much class and popularity. He was fantastic in Back To The Future, and in Light of Day he proves that he can play guitar too!! Let’s see more of this talented hunk!!!

Elizabeth, NJ

Magazine: Star
Editor: Michael Edrei
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 7