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Hi Everyone!

Gee, it’s great to be reporting for the biggest and best teen magazine on earth! I’m David Love, and I happen to live in Hollywood—I also happen to know what’s really going on with all the stars! Each month in 16 I’m gonna let you in on all the secret stuff I’ve found out… so let’s go for it!

HAVE YOU HEARD about all the real-life battles on the Moonlighting set? From what I hear, it’s all true—leads BRUCE WILLIS and CYBILL SHEPHERD are squabbling about everything these days. Seems Bruce—with his Motown album, movie deals, HBO Specials and wine cooler commercials—is stealing the spotlight from Cybill, or at least that’s the way she sees it! Ah, well, a little conflict is probably better for the ratings anyhow! . . . Yes, it’s true, Miami Vice star PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS has been court ordered to pay $900 a month in child support for each of his two young children (a three-year-old girl and an infant boy) by ex-girlfriend Dhaima Mathews. At first, the actor who plays Ricardo Tubbs denied he was the father—later he admitted paternity and also said, “I have seven children and love all of them.” . . . Not to be outshone in the public eye, DON JOHNSON gave a certain men’s magazine a pretty steamy interview! . . . Can you believe it? The tabloids are reporting that PRINCESS STEPHANIE of Monaco said ROB LOWE was boring?? I can’t! . . . Looks like the long-standing romance between Breakfast Club’s JUDD NELSON and his manager LOREE RODKIN is kaput: Judd’s bouncing ’round town with tennis star CHRIS EVERT LLOYD while Loree’s apparently hangin’ out with young actor KIEFER SUTHERLAND! Judd and Loree had been living together . . . TV’s Heart Of The City, with JONATHAN WARD and CHRISTINA APPLEGATE has been cancelled . . . Maybe Jonathan can go back to the all-new syndicated Charles In Charge sitcom—he was, you’ll recall, part of the original SCOTT BAIO starrer on CBS. SCOTT, by-the-bye, is back on that show, so’s Eight Is Enough alumnus WILLIE AAMES And no, there’s no truth to the rumor that GooniesCOREY FELDMAN and CHRISTINA APPLEGATE are dating; they’re just pals . . . One of PAT PETERSEN’s favorite activities is performing on TV’s annual Circus Of The Stars—the Knot’s Landing hunk hopes to be invited back next year! . . . Guess who moved into Barbra Streisand’s former Malibu digs? Why it was STING, and he brought his jet-ski, surf board, windsurfer, boogie board and motorbikes along for some California fun! . . . OZZY OSBOURNE shaved his head and disappeared. This rocker’s had personal problems before—hope everything is A-OK by now . . . MICKY DOLENZ’s daughter AMY obviously didn’t like the food at 4D, the trendy New York club because during the Monkees end-of-tour party she sent out for pizza—and got it too! . . . MICK JAGGER and the ROLLING STONES should have announced the split by now . . . CHEAP TRICK is opening for RATT these days. They used to be headliners, but they’re not proud. Right on guys!

TOM WOPAT, co-star of the old TV show Dukes Of Hazzard, is making a comeback as a leading-man stage actor, starring in the New York City production of the comedy, Olympus On My Mind. He’s getting rave reviews! Tom’s now married—his wife’s name is Vicki.

PHILIP McKEON, brother of Facts Of Life star NANCY and co-star of TV’s oldie, Alice, is featured in the upcoming scarer, Return To Horror High, opening any day!

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She may be the hot new co-star of Soul Man and the hot new real-life romance in TOMMY HOWELL’s life!—but RAE DAWN CHONG still has both feet on the ground. Not too long ago she was asked to narrate an eighteen-minute film called Sex, Drugs And AIDS-a movie designed to inform junior high school and high school students about the connection between those three serious issues. Rae Dawn did it gladly, knowing the film might prevent many kids from getting into serious trouble, and now the movie is available to all the schools in America through O.D.N. Productions in New York City. She feels really good about her contribution and so will you when you get to see this life-saving film. Ask your teacher about it.

BRET MICHAELS, lead singer of the heavy metal band POISON, spends his private time riding motorcycles and playing football, soccer and baseball. He cooks (pork chops and mashed potatoes!), reads lots of magazines and catches the latest rock acts at the various clubs around the country.

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Is it possible that the real reason a certain young actor postponed his wedding had more to do with the filing of a paternity suit by an ex-girlfriend than with career commitments??

Test Your Showbiz IQ!

  1. Which late rocker said, “Christmas may well be a concept against which we measure our pain”?

  2. Who had the top-selling greatest hits album this past Christmas?

  3. Which famous pop rock drummer has quit the business completely?

  4. Which singing rock sister recorded her first solo LP?

  5. Which young star won an Oscar for his performance in Ordinary People?

  6. Name RIVER PHOENIX’s siblings.

  7. What heavy-duty. rocker can’t talk about his former band because of contractual commitments?

  8. Was ROB LOWE in The Breakfast Club?

  9. What musical instrument does JOHN STAMOS play?

  10. Which brat pack guy was the first to get a star on the Walk Of Fame?

  1. John Lennon
  2. The Boss
  3. Roger Taylor
  4. Ann Wilson, Heart
  5. Tim Hutton
  6. Summer, Leaf, Liberty, Rainbow
  7. Vinnie Vincent
  8. No
  9. Drums
  10. Tom Cruise

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