16’s Round-Up! A Valentine’s Day Special

16 Asks Stars The “Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?!”

Alyssa Milano

(Who’s The Boss?)

“Love at first sight! What is love at first sight? When two people meet eye-to-eye and face-to-face and fall in love? Yes, I believe in love at first sight, but NO, it hasn’t happened to me, yet!!

Davy Jones

Davy Jones

(The Monkees)

“Do I believe in it? I wrote a tune about it! Yeah, I believe in love at first sight, it’s happened to me loads of times…”

Allison Smith

(Kate & Allie)

“In a way, definitely. I believe in love, as in ‘I would really, really like to get together with this person,’ not as in ‘I would like to marry this person.’ Yes, I have to say I believe in it—it happened to me with Brian (Bloom).”.

Joey Perrone

(Hot New Singer)

“Yes I do. Well, not the actual meaning of the word love, but infatuation—yes, that’s another type of love. Infatuation at first sight happens to me very, very often! I totally believe in that.”

Brian Bloom

(As The World Turns)

“Not true love. I believe you can be infatuated with somebody—but doesn’t love have to do with knowing the person very well and sharing things? I believe you can develop very strong feelings just by looking at the person and seeing that you want to pursue her.”

David Kaufman

(Down To Earth)

“Yes, I believe in love at first sight it’s happened to me a couple of times. But is that love always reciprocated? That’s a different story! My closest girlfriends have never been a case of love at first sight.”

Ernie Reyes Jr.


“No. I think you have to get to know the person first.”

Vinnie Vincent

(Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

“Oh yes! I’m in love at least three times a day. All at first sight. It’s really true!”

Scott Grimes

(Together We Stand)

“No. I feel you need to get to know each other and let love grow. You can be attracted to someone right away, but real love takes time.”

Andre Gower

(Heart Of The City)

“I believe in love at first sight because it happened to me once. I was at a party a couple of years ago and I met this girl. We were both actors so we knew each other from our work but had never met before. As soon as we did though, we knew we liked each other a lot.”

Magazine: 16
Editor: Randi Reisfeld, Hedy End
Volume: 28
Issue: 10
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 12–13