Catchin’ Up with Peter Tork

Find Out What Your Favorite Former Monkee’s Been Up To!

At a small, private high school in Southern California, the kids know their bearded, red-haired adorable teacher as Mr. Thorkelson. Mr. Thorkelson is well-loved by his students, and he enjoys sharing with them his knowledge of music, as well as English and math. But hidden behind that red-beard and that mysterious grin is the former Monkee you know and love as Peter Tork.

Since leaving the Monkees in 1969, Peter has been performing solo in clubs and coffeehouses, as well as giving special family performances for his wife Barbara and their baby son Ivan. Peter also has a seven-year-old daughter named Hallie from a previous marriage. Giving up his place with the Monkees seemed to be the right move for Peter at the time. He just wasn’t sure that he wanted to spend his life in front of the cameras and on stage as a performer. Since then, he’s been able to find out what he really wants out of life, and he knows now that even though he loves teaching, and would also love to write a book some day, deep down inside his heart Peter never wants to stray too far from a stage again.

Although he doesn’t really have very much free time, Peter enjoys playing his instruments—guitar, piano, banjo, horns, harp and bass. He also manages to find a moment now and then to listen to the Eagles, Jackson Browne and Marvin Gaye records, and to play softball and even to cook.

If you’d like to tell Peter that he’s still your one and only, drop him a note at 2818 W. Washington Blvd, Box 4091, Venice, Ca. 90291. He’d love to hear from ya!

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