An In-depth Talk with Samantha Dolenz (Part 2)

Samantha Juste Dolenz, Ami Dolenz

All girls dream about being married to a rock star—and Samantha Dolenz really is! Last month she revealed what it’s like to be the girlfriend of a famous pop singer. In the second part of our interview, she talks about the good times (and bad times) of rock ’n roll marriage and motherhood!

TIGER BEAT: Is there any real change between being a girlfriend and being the wife of a rock star?

SAMANTHA: Fans! They definitely change their attitude. Not all of them. Some were happy before. But now they’re involved with us as a family. It’s really nice and they’re very fond of Ami. I really like the fans.

TIGER BEAT: Does the lack of privacy in your marriage ever get you down?

SAMANTHA: Not at all. ’Cause there’s nothing to hide, you know. We’re very happy.

TIGER BEAT: Do you think it would bother you if Mickey’s [sic] success had come after you were married, like for Mike and Phyllis Nesmith?

SAMANTHA: No, I don’t think so. It would bother me if I was the person that was the star, because it’s much harder for a man to accept than a woman to accept, the lack of privacy. If it’s the other way around, I think it’s much harder to work than the way it is with us.

TIGER BEAT: Do you mind having so many people around your house, friends of Micky’s or people who just drop by?

SAMANTHA: Sometimes. That used to be a problem when we first met. Because people were just always there. But now it’s different because we’re married and people tend to call up before they come around now. But at times that really bothered me. You get so many hangers-on, And that I don’t like at all. That can really get to me, much more than the fans.

Samantha Juste Dolenz

TIGER BEAT: Who are your friends now? Are they mostly married couples?

SAMANTHA: We don’t have too many married friends. Of course, all the Monkees are married and we’re friendly with them and they all have children so it works out quite nicely really. And then we do have some single friends. I’d say all my girlfriends are married, though they’re really Micky’s friends. I don’t really have any friends of my own because I didn’t know anybody here except him when we got married.

TIGER BEAT: Was that difficult for you?

SAMANTHA: Yes, that was the difficult period of settling here, because it’s so different here. It’s really different from England. It’s a whole different way of life. Now it’s great, now I’m used to it.

TIGER BEAT: What bothered you the most when you first came here to be with Micky?

SAMANTHA: Loneliness, I think really. I just didn’t have my friends. I couldn’t go and—like when I was clearing out the house of all the hangers-on—I used to get upset about that because it’s hard to do it. I didn’t want to upset Micky but it was upsetting me! So you have to find a happy medium. And it would have been no use clearing out the house if he didn’t want it because that would have really caused… so I had to be nice and do it the right way. And I think he was ready to get more involved with his work. You know, if you have a lot of people around you can’t work. And now he likes the house and he likes to work there.

He writes songs and he’s done so much more… but at the time it was terrible ’cause I didn’t have anyone to go off and talk to. It’s so nice when you can sound off to somebody when someone’s upset you. Oh, I really missed that!

TIGER BEAT: Do you have problems with fans coming up to your house?

SAMANTHA: Well, what’s a problem? It’s only a problem if they come at the wrong time. But usually Micky will go out and sign autographs. I don’t go out too much because I’m usually looking after Ami or something. But he goes out.

Samantha Juste Dolenz

TIGER BEAT: It must be really difficult for you because you love Micky and he’s away so much.

SAMANTHA: Yes—that’s a drag. I used to go away with him before I had Ami, so it was never a problem. And occasionally now—like I went to Mexico with him for a week—but he’s usually just working a few days at a time at the moment so he just calls and it’s not too bad. But when I want to do something and something comes up and he has to go away…

TIGER BEAT: What do you do then? Do you just not go or do you ask someone to accompany you, like a friend?

SAMANTHA: I just don’t go.

TIGER BEAT: What will you do if Micky gets a part in a movie that requires three months in Europe or somewhere?

SAMANTHA: Oh, well, three months and I would go. That, Ami can get used to. But hotel rooms… a different hotel room every day is too much for a baby. I wouldn’t do that. We’ll take her a lot more when she can talk. But she’s not a year old yet and she’s into everything. She doesn’t understand the word “no” yet but as soon as you can communicate with them you can take them because you can explain things. And they understand “No! You can’t touch!”

TIGER BEAT: Does it worry you as a wife that Micky is surrounded by other girls?

SAMANTHA: No—and if a wife let it bother her then her marriage would never work. It just couldn’t.

Samantha Juste Dolenz

TIGER BEAT: Do you think it will be difficult for Ami because her father is Micky Dolenz?

SAMANTHA: I don’t know. I think it must be for some people who have famous parents but our attitude is… well, I’m thinking of putting her into commercials and that world because that world doesn’t frighten me. I don’t know. A lot of people want to keep their children private, their lives private, but I’m a very open person and Micky’s an open person and it’s fine. I wouldn’t mind letting her do commercials and television.

School sort of worries me, though. Are the kids going to like it because she’s the daughter of somebody who’s famous or are they going to hate her because they’re jealous? If she’s ever unhappy at school, I’ll just take her away. If she likes show business and stuff, I’ll probably send her to that sort of school anyway.

TIGER BEAT: When you and Micky argue, do you have normal little spats or do you argue over something connected with show business?

SAMANTHA: We’ve never argued about show business, never about going away or a job or anything. Never! Because it’s his job and I want him to do well. Then he’ll be happy. I think one of the worst things is to make someone feel guilty because they’ve got to go away. I always pack Micky’s bags because it’s his job. And if I married him then I should accept that.

TIGER BEAT: What do you think is the most important thing for a girl to learn as the girlfriend or the wife of a pop star?

SAMANTHA: I think it’s acceptance. You’ve got to know what you’re going into. You haven’t got to look at the glamour side of it because it’s not all glamour. And a lot of people who don’t know show business, they just think “Ah—it’s a fantastic life, it’s parties…” and it’s not at all! We have a very ordinary kind of life, except Micky doesn’t work nine-to-five and people recognize him. Otherwise we do the same things as everybody else!

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Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 54–55