Meet The Monkees


IT’S SO E-Z!!!

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET THE MONKEES?! We’ll say it again, s-l-o-w: H-O-W   W-O-U-L-D   Y-O-U   L-I-K-E   T-O   M-E-E-T   T-H-E   M-O-N-K-E-E-S???!!!

You can! Yes, you really, truly can!! And it’s as E-Z as filling in the coupon and licking a stamp!!

On Saturday, June 21, the Monkees are going to do a live concert at the Forest Hills Music Festival in the New York City area. The concert will be held in the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, just a short ride from the very center of exciting, swinging Manhattan. Now, are you ready?? Then, hear this!! 16 Magazine is going to give YOU—absolutely free!—four tickets to the Monkees’ concert at the Forest Hills Music Festival!!! These four tickets will admit you, your best friend and two chaperones to the concert. And that’s just the beginning!!

16 Magazine is also going to provide you, your friend and your two chaperones with free transportation to New York City to attend the concert! What’s more, 16 is going to escort all of you to the concert and introduce you to the Monkees!! That’s right! Not only are YOU going to see Davy, Micky and Mike in person put on their brand new, super fantastic show, but also YOU are going to meet each and every Monkee—shake their hands, chat with them, and who knows what else?!

And that’s still not all!! To make your joy complete, 16 is going to give YOU a complete set of the Monkees’ LPs and your very own record player to play them on!!

Yes, YOU—as the winner of this almost unbelievable Monkee contest—are going to be given free admission to the Monkees’ live concert, free transportation to the concert, and two free gifts to take home with you and cherish forever as a memento of this Dream Trip!!

If you’re shy—and the thought of meeting Davy, Micky and Mike in person makes you a bit nervous—don’t worry. You must know by now that the Monkees love to talk and clown around, so you can expect them to put on a private “show”—just for YOU!! Also, 16 will be with you, standing by to take care of you at all times!

So you see, you don’t have to worry about a thing. 16 will take care of everything!

Like we said, meeting the Monkees is as E-Z as filling in the coupon and licking a stamp. That’s why YOU can be the winner of this fantastic contest! You have just as good a chance to win as any other 16-er! Just fill in the coupon, cut it out and mail it to the address on the coupon! That’s all you have to do—and that’s why YOU can win just as E-Z-ly as anyone else!!

All coupons will be dropped inside a barrel. The barrel will then be revolved and 16’s Editor-in-Chief, Gloria Stavers, blindfolded, will pick one coupon from the barrel. The coupon she picks will be the contest winner—and the sender of the coupon will be awarded ALL of the grand prizes described above!!

So give yourself the thrill of a lifetime! Mail your coupon today!!

If you wish to order tickets (so that you can be absolutely sure that you don’t miss the Monkees’ concert), here is all of the information you need. The Monkees will do a live concert in the New York City area on Saturday, June 21. The concert will take place at the Forest Hills Music Festival, Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Forest Hills, New York (a 30-minute bus or subway ride from mid-town New York). If you want to order tickets, you may do so by sending either $7.50-$6.00-$5.00 or $3.50 per ticket (be sure to send check or money order—not cash) to Monkees Concert, Forest Hills Music Festival, 11 Station Square, Forest Hills, New York 11375. Be sure to print your ticket orders and return address clearly and—include 25ยข for postage and handling. Tickets will be on sale at the box office at Forest Hills after June 1—but if you wanna be sure of getting your tickets and getting good seats, mail ahead for them as soon as possible.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 44–45