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At last—16 SPEC is giving you your very own page! This is your opportunity to “put into print” your thoughts, feelings and love for your favorite star. Not only will you be sharing your ideas with all the world, but your “special someone” will see it too right here in 16 SPEC!

If you would like to express your deepest feelings for your favorite star, send your letters, poems, stories, etc. to “Your Page”, 16 SPEC Business Office, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number with all correspondence. If your contribution is published, you will receive $10!

Now, take a peek at what two 16 SPEC-ers wrote in honor of their favorites.

Peter Tork

By Annette Ternullo
Medford, Massachusetts

When peaceful dreams surround my mind
With visions of a special kind,
The shapes and forms of beauty
Make me think of Peter.

When dawn appears behind the leaves
And morning brings a sweeter breeze,
When daytime laughter fills the trees
I think of Peter.

When the ocean tide sweeps up the sand,
When I hold a flower in my hand,
When bells of peace toll out their joy—
I think of Peter.

When night-time falls upon the sky
And sleep-time comes slowly by,
When all the day is fast asleep
I dream of Peter.

When, in my age, the oldness comes
And youth is in family albums,
I’ll look back on these happy days
And I’ll remember Peter.

From Michelle Kline
Miami, Florida

Whenever I have a problem,
I rush right to my room.
And there you sit awaiting
To take away my gloom.

I tell you why I’m crying
And what is on my mind.
You never think I’m silly
You’re much too sweet and kind.

Your blue eyes seem to listen
In such a gentle way.
And as they look right at me,
My problems fade away.

Your sweet voice reassures me
In such a mellow tone
That I’m not the only girl
Who feels so all alone.

Although it’s just your picture
I tell my problems to,
I want to thank you, Len, dear,
For all the good you do.

Cos I know what you tell me
Is what you’d really say.
And that is why I love you
In a very special way!

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Issue: 18
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 70