Test yourself and see if you can identify your fave guys!

These beautiful little boys all grew up to be gorgeous guys and six of your very favorite stars! Take a good look at their baby pix, read the clues, and see how many of them you can identify correctly.

The answers are on Page 44—but don’t you dare peek until you have written down your answers!!

Davy Jones

A. Definitely the apple of every girl’s eye,
Sings, writes songs—he’s a talented guy!

B. He’s known by several names, ’tis true,
His hair is blonde—his eyes are blue!

C. He comes from a family with talent and fame,
The hint is his dad has the very same name!

D. He plays lead guitar with a group known to all,
Their singer is Mark—the leader is Paul!

E. Known to everyone—near and far,
He was almost a jockey, but now is a star!

F. He appeared on Action some time ago,
But now it’s “Happening” on another show!

Davy Jones

A. Paul McCartney

B. Peter (Herman)

C. Desi Arnaz IV

D. Freddy Weller

E. Davy Jones

F. Keith Allison

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Issue: 16
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 42, 44