Spec Speak-In

Dear Miss Stavers,

16’s Teen Star Birthday Book knocks me out! I mean, it tells all about SAJID and DAVY and all of my other fave stars as they really are in person! Groovy!

Ann Masters
New Brunswick, N.J.

Dear Ann,

We try to please! Everybody else who wants to be knocked out, see Page 43!

Dear Miss Stavers,

Here’s a tip for all your readers who dug KEVIN COUGHLIN in Wild In The Streets. KEVIN, along with other groovy young stars, is in MGM’s movie Young Runaways. My girl friend and I saw it and it’s really great!

Mavis Brown
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I flipped over the kooky BANANA SPLITS of NBC-TV’s The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. I am also wild for handsome MICHAEL VINCENT, who plays “Link Simmons” in the Danger Island segment of the show. Where can I write to him?

Barbara Hatch
Tampa, Fla.

Dear Barbara,

You can write to the BANANA SPLITS and MICHAEL VINCENT at Hanna-Barbera Productions, 3400 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 90028. For a prompt reply, be sure to put “I Am A 16 Spec Reader” on the outside of your envelope.

Dear Miss Stavers,

When I was at the newsstand buying 16, I noticed a headline on a dum-dum magazine that read—“The Tragic Death of Davy Jones”, so I bought it and the article said that DAVY was mobbed to death by fans! Well, I just don’t believe it! I know that if anything happened to DAVY, 16 would be the first to print it. Please tell me the truth!

Kathleen Asavis
Pacoima, Calif.

Dear Kathleen,

You’ll be delighted to know that DAVY JONES is alive and well in Hollywood. As for that magazine’s headline—well, it’s just another trick to make you purchase the book. And you did, didn’t you? To save yourself heartbreak, time and money, stick to good old 16 Spec and 16—where you know you can count on the whole truth and nothing but about the MONKEES and all your other faves.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I must thank you for sending me your new book 1001 Top Star Secrets. It tells me everything I didn’t know about my favorites—and then some!

Jane Beckman
Allentown, Pa.

Dear Jane,

Thanks for your thanks. Any other 16ers wanna know 1001 secrets? See Page 21!

Dear Miss Stavers,

I love DAVID CANARY, who plays “Candy” on Bonanza, very much. Could you please tell me a little bit about him and where I could write to him?

Beverly Shaffer
Dayton, Ohio

Dear Beverly,

Here’s a groovy picture of DAVID. He is married (wife’s name is JULIE), has a daughter (LISA) and you can write to him at NBC-TV, Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Recently, I was at Six Gun Territory near Ocala, Fla., and I met TOMMY NORDEN, who used to play “Bud” on Flipper. He was very nice to my girl friend Trina and me, and we would like for you to print this picture so that everyone can see “Bud” as he looks today.

Mary Ann Whitley
Spring Hill, Fla.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Just had to tell you that 16’s Address & Fax Book was heaven-sent! Now I can write to all of my fave guys and know for sure they’ll get my letters!

Dodie Harris
Austin, Texas

Dear Dodie,

You’re kinda heaven-sent yourself! All others who wanta follow. Dodie’s lead—see Page 15!

Dear Miss Stavers,

Please run the fan club address of that groovy new duo the TWINN CONNEXION.

Myra Massey
New York City

Dear Myra,

The TC are adorable, identical twins with blond hair and blue eyes, and they record on Decca Records. You can write to them at Box 689, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. They promise to answer every letter.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Would you please run a group picture of the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and tell me where I can write to them?

Betty Cassidy
San Diego, Calif.

Dear Betty,

It’s hard to get good group pictures of the JEFF AIR. Here is the best recent one that we have. You can write to them at Box 1077, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Is there any way I can write to RICHARD BRADFORD of Man In A Suitcase? I would like to know a little bit about him.

Jay Parent
Lewiston, Maine

Dear Jay,

Here’s a groovy picture of RICHARD. He is married to ballet dancer EILEEN ELLIOTT and they have a baby daughter. You can write to him at ABC-TV Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Would you please run a picture of my fave—the king of rock ’n’ soul—the one and only LITTLE RICHARD?

Dorothy Newley
Birmingham, Ala.

Dear Dorothy,

LITTLE RICHARD—who was one of the BEATLES’ very first idols—is still knocking ’em out with his fantastic recordings and public appearances. You can write to LITTLE RICHARD in care of Decca Records, 445 Park Ave., New York City.

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Issue: 16
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 68–69