Monkees Movie Scandal

Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz

You’re going to experience a lot of surprises—and maybe some shocks—when the Monkees’ movie Head comes your way! HERE’S WHY!

Micky Dolenz’ body is seen flying through the air—above him is a huge bridge, below him a dark river. Crash! Splash! It’s all over for Micky! Or is it? Whatever—it’s almost too much for a Micky Dolenz fan to bear!!

Davy is in the prizefight ring. His opponent is a huge, muscular champion prizefighter. Davy doesn’t have a chance. Round after round, he is beaten and mauled by the champ until finally he falls, disfigured and unconscious, on the canvas. It may be a movie and it may be all in fun—but could you stand to see that happen to Davy??

While this is going on, Mike Nesmith enters the prizefight ring with a blonde chick who makes Jayne Mansfield look absolutely old-fashioned—and later you see him get kissed quite soundly on the mouth by a lovely girl who just “happened to be walking by.” And Mike doesn’t seem to mind at all!!

The scene is a war-torn battlefield where the Monkees are crawling along a dirty foxhole under heavy fire. Peter turns and sees the enemy directly behind him—ready to attack. He freezes. Well, you’ll have to see the movie to find out what happens to Peter—but it’s not very pleasant!!

Next, we find Davy, Micky and Peter lolling around in a voluptuous Oriental harem—some of whose habitues look more like they belong in Playboy Magazine than in a Monkee movie!!

Davy Jones
Info Davy gets it—

These are just a few of the inexplicably outrageous vignettes you will be seeing in the Monkees’ forthcoming Columbia Pictures release entitled Head. Other crazy incidents in the Monkee flick include a hefty blonde waitress who gets her wig yanked off mid-scene—and turns out to be a waiter instead—and who plops a pie right in Peter’s puss! Micky’s underwater death (wow, Micky really gets it in this movie!). The boys laughing at a cripple (yes, that’s right!). Davy bemoaning the fact that he’s the idol of the “eight-year-olds”. And a nun who kisses an Indian!!!

Perhaps it will shock you—a regular reader of 16 and 16 Spec—to read things like this in the pages of your favorite magazines, but the FACT is these are the scenes that (at press time) are incorporated into Head, a movie made by the world’s top teen idols and undoubtedly one that will be viewed by their untold millions of fans. And what do DPM&M have to say about all of this?

Peter Tork, Mr. and Mrs. Ace (T.C. Jones)
Info Peter gets it—

PETER: “Our movie may be so ‘heavy’ and strong that Monkee fans may not be able to watch it. But in spite of that fact, I think that our movie is really good. I also think it is too heavy and I don’t dig it for that. It’s too violent.”

DAVY: “Sure, we laugh at a spastic in the movie. We just do what everybody really wants to do in real life—but doesn’t have the nerve to do. It doesn’t mean that we are cruel—quite the contrary. It means that we are honest. To laugh at someone doesn’t mean that you don’t care for them, that you don’t feel a compassion for them. People laugh at me because I am short, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love me.”

MICKY: “It’s really our rebellion thing. The kids are going to love this movie because they are going to understand it. It’s the adults who are going to walk out and say, ‘I wonder what that was all about?’ Kids will know exactly what it is about. It’s fast, surprising and totally kooky. It flashes from one scene to the next without any continuity. The truth is that our movie Head is the movie of tomorrow!”

MIKE: “Gone is the soft-spoken, puppy-dog-pattable Monkee image of yesterday. What you will see in the movie is the natural extension of where we were headed in our zany TV series. After all, it was inevitable that one of us would fall off a bridge someday, get beaten up or even get shot in a war. Don’t get hysterical—it’s just a movie and it’s all in good fun.”

Mike Nesmith, Lady Pleasure (I.J. Jefferson)
Info —and Mike gets it!!

Whatever the Monkees’ movie Head turns out to be, it will be up to you the avid fans of Davy, Mike, Peter and Micky—to ultimately decide whether the movie is good or bad, sensational or blah, groovy or a bore. And you will have plenty of time to see it because Columbia plans to start releasing it on November 6—and slowly but steadily put it in movie houses all over America, and it will probably be the end of January 1969 before the movie has saturated all the markets it is scheduled to reach!

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Issue: 16
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 48–49