Peter Tork’s New Life

Peter Tork

Parents may tell you that dreams don’t come true, but don’t you believe it. Dreams do come true just ask Peter Tork. Today he is living a new life—a life he dreamed about, but never had the time or energy or financial power to bring into reality. That’s not so today.

Peter recently moved into a newly bought home in Studio City, just over the hill from Hollywood. When you take your first tour of his home the thing that hits you stronger than anything else is that the house is him. The floor plan, the decorations, the surroundings all seem to let you know this is Peter’s place of peace and tranquility.

You know Peter is so comfortable here the first moment your eyes meet his as he greets you from the top of the circular, marble staircase. “Welcome,” he says and without asking begins to show you the house he is so proud of.

First stop is the spacious kitchen. There’s an island of cupboards and a large cutting board. What’s unique and very groovy is the way the modern, built-in appliances blend with the white wooden cabinets to give the kitchen a very homey feel. The dining table shares the kitchen space, which looks out onto the patio garden and rippling fountain.

Behind the kitchen sits the large sunken living room. The floor is covered in deep pile orange-fleck carpeting and that’s all! There is no furniture in the living room save a window seat which faces the front slope of the ivy-covered yard and is upholstered in black leather.

Off the living room, as the house curves, is an almost sound-proof music room filled with wires, amplifiers, tape recorders, guitars, a piano and various other musical instruments. To make the room soundproof, Peter was forced to doubly cover the window that faces toward the houses below his, thereby cutting out most of the available light. This is the only hang-up about the room, he says.

Out the side door of the music room you find a large swimming pool which is banked on two sides by soft, green dicondra and beds upon beds of flowers and greenery. A steep hill juts up behind this covered with thick ivy, which makes the entire setting very serene.

There’s no doubt that this is a very quiet and private place since Peter’s house sits on the top of a hill and the street dead ends at his driveway. It’s surrounded by hills on three sides.

Off behind the pool is a luscious fresh vegetable garden where Japanese egg plant, carrots, lettuce and all kinds of healthful foods are grown. Peter’s diet, he says, is nearly all organic right now.

Right next to the pool is a cabana-bathhouse, which has an upstairs bedroom. This room is connected to the main house by a walk-way on the second story that bridges it with the upstairs projection room. Here you find reels, tapes, screens and camera equipment galore.

Now that you have made an almost complete circle, you view the three upstairs bedrooms, all simply decorated. Peter’s room is closest to the bathroom and is empty except for one throw rug, a painting that fills an entire wall and a king-sized bed which sits on a high wooden frame.

A turn left and you are in the bathroom, complete with a sauna bath. The most striking and outasite feature of this room is the bathtub which Peter had specially made for the house. It’s a huge tub (probably eight feet long by four feet wide and two feet deep). It’s done in antique, Spanish tiles and has both steps to get up and in and steps to get up and out.

Peter has lived in his new house for several months now and seems to be enjoying it more every day probably because all his close friends can be with him all the time here.

With Monkee activities at a slower pace, Peter’s life lately has been free, like never before during the past two hectic years. This he likes. He shares his home and himself with his friends. Most of his day, he admits, is spent in the music room working on original material with his musical associates. One girl named Judy, who he hopes to produce soon, is writing some of the most beautiful and soulful songs you’ve ever heard. And her voice is so outasite, Peter is dying to get it on tape for everyone to hear.

Many times during the day he may jump into the pool, lay in the sun for 15 minutes to dry off, and then return to his “work”—creating. Though he enjoys the sun, something seems to draw him back to the music.

Little by little his “family” of loved ones—men, women, children—are all adding their touches to the house. Peter says he is too involved in the music right now to get into fixing up the house or working in the garden. However, he is very concerned with it all and takes great interest in the progress the others are making.

Strangely enough, life at the house does not revolve solely around Peter. His friends come and go as they please, as does Peter. They share and enjoy each other’s company, but do not depend on it to enjoy.

The day usually ends late at night for Peter. He sleeps on the living room floor because he gets a sore back when he sleeps in a bed. He loves fresh coffee when he wakes in the late morning and vegetables from the garden throughout the day.

Peter’s life today is peaceful, prosperous and productive. It’s a dream come true.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 62–63