Monkee Make-up

Magazine: Flip
Editor: Steve Kahn
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 20–21

When you see the Monkees Movie, you’ll only be seeing half the action! The other half took place off-camera—while Mike, Peter, Davy, and Micky were between scenes, waiting for director Bob Rafelson to shout “Action!” On the day FLIP was there to shoot these pics, they were filming the cheerleading scene in the Rose Bowl (check pages 36–37 for all that action). But before going off to WAR!, the make-up man had to check each of them out. And here Mike has time to give you a big wink before letting the make-up man go to work on his famous face!

Next, it’s Peter’s turn. He looks kind of doubtful at first, but then agrees to keep his bangs out of the way. Micky starts out by trying to do it himself, but then settles back for some professional finishing touches.

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