Sally Field Tells “The Truth About the Teen Kings”

Sally Field

Pretty Sally Field considers herself about the luckiest girl in the world. Not only is her TV series The Flying Nun filmed on the same lot where The Monkees and Bobby Sherman’s new TV show Here Comes The Brides are shot, but Sally is often a regular guest on Happening ’68! Aside from all that, she also frequents the local Hollywood clubs, clothing stores and ice cream parlors where—if you’re pert and alert—you can meet some of the MOST interesting people!!

Here is a list of the groovy guys Sally has been fortunate enough to get to know well, those whom she doesn’t know so well, and even one whom she hasn’t met yet—plus Sally’s very own personal point of view on each of these tantalizing “Teen Kings”!

DAVY JONES: “Davy is the most energetic guy I have ever met. He is super friendly, has a fantastic personality and is a beautiful flirt! But his most intriguing quality is his air of mystery. When you look at him, you always wonder what he is really thinking—and you know how batty that can drive a girl!”

PETER TORK: “Peter is the warmest, most caring, concerned and loving person I have ever known in my life. If the whole world were made up of Peter Torks, it would be like a peaceful and serene heaven.”

MICKY DOLENZ: “He is the total clown. Micky is completely funny and always a joy to be around.”

MIKE NESMITH: “When people first meet Mike, they think he is indifferent. I learned that he is actually a little shy. After you get to know him, and learn how very sincere and honest he is, you gain immense respect and admiration for him.”

SAJID KHAN: “Sajid is another fellow who is somewhat shy. The first thing you notice about him is his great big beautiful brown eyes. They just make you melt. There’s no other word to describe the Sajid Khan charisma except ‘sexy’!”

BOBBY SHERMAN: “I’ve always known that Bobby was a good singer, but it was only lately that I found out what a fine actor he is. Wait’ll you see him in Here Comes The Brides on TV this fall. I know you’ll flip!”

DINO MARTIN: “Now, here’s a boy I’d like to get to know better (wouldn’t you?). When he looks at you with those cool x-ray blue eyes of his—well, you just come unstrung!’

MARK LINDSAY: “I’d also like to know the ‘King’ of Happening ’68 better! He was very kind and funny when I did the show. Besides being gorgeous, he’s tall and manly.”

JIM MORRISON: “I’ve only met Jim once and seen him on the street twice—and I guess you could say I’m hooked. I’ve got my fingers crossed, hoping I get to meet him again—and get to know him better!”

BRENDON BOONE: “I’ve never met Brendon at all, but you can bet your halo I’d like to! Don’t you think a “nun” and a “gorilla” would make a crazy couple?”

You can write to Sally at Screen Gems, 1334 N. Beechwood, Hollywood, Calif. Be sure to put “I’m A 16 Reader” on the outside of your envelope.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 24