Which Monkee Do You Like?

Find out what type of person you really are by reading all about the little qualities you most likely have.

Davy Jones

…are the type of person who is soft and cuddly, like a teddy bear. You love to be touched by simple things like a flower sent to you as a surprise or a card you receive when you don’t expect it. You are tender and soft hearted. In fact, sometimes you are too soft hearted and people take advantage of you. One of your parents is probably always telling you to “stand on your own two feet and don’t lean on anyone or anything.” This is partly true for you because you get attached to people and things very easily and have a tendency to let them take care of all details. But you aren’t really dependent—you just find that other people do things which please you and you feel it pleases them to take care of the details, so you let them.

You’re the type of person who saves 1,000 yards of crepe paper after a school dance, you keep the inside of your school locker very neat and people have a tendency to say that you are “such a nice person”—and it’s true. You are a nice person. You’re groovy to be with and you can warm up a room with your presence. People like you very easily and you have a lot of friends, even if you don’t think you do.

Mike Nesmith

…are a very thoughtful person. You can remember birthdays and anniversaries and always think ahead to buy presents. Or at least, the idea of doing it enters your mind, even if you never actually get around to purchasing a gift or card.

You are basically elegant. You like formal dinners and well cut clothes and your tastes are for the expensive things in life. If you have a choice between purchasing a mediocre brand or the expensive brand, you don’t even think about the mediocre one. That goes for your inner thoughts, too. You fully think things out, you don’t take mental short cuts either in dealing with your problems or with other people. You believe in doing a good job with whatever you do, be it homework or just thought.

You are hardworking if it’s something you really want to do. In fact, you attack the problem with a determination that scares some people. You are very much your own person and have a strong backbone. People don’t push you around. In fact, you might have a tendency to push them.

You also have one big hang up and that is that when you like someone or something, you can’t just talk to them briefly and then forget about them. You have to think about them all the time. It’s painful for you, sometimes, but as you grow older you get used to it.

Peter Tork

…are introspective and are worried about figuring yourself out—why you act the way you do, why you like certain things and people and strongly dislike others. You show a very hard exterior to the world. People might be tempted to say more unkind things to you than they normally would because they think you can take it and that it doesn’t affect you as much as others. Actually, this is partially true. You can take criticism and not flinch—at least, you’d never let anyone know if you did. You’re intellectual and you don’t always like to let people know it so sometimes you act very carefree and just “a bit dazed.” It throws people off the track temporarily, but eventually they discover that you are a deep and thoughtful person. You can’t hide it…

Sometimes you get hung up on an image of yourself, which isn’t wrong, everyone does it. But then, on the spur of the moment, you’ll drop all your defenses and let someone know that you know your actions are just a game. This really blows a few minds, especially with people who don’t know you too well. The ones you do know well don’t say anything; mainly because they are used to your actions. You’re honest, straight-forward and people either like you a lot or they don’t like you at all. You can never be mediocre—you’re a person of extremes—from extreme temperament to extreme likes and dislikes.

Micky Dolenz

…have a brand of inner humor that lights up your eyes and your outlook on life as though you had a candle burning in your brain. Things generally look good to you—even when you get out of bed on a rainy morning and have a test in less than two hours. Nothing really dampens your spirits.

You are cheerful about 30 per cent of the time but when you get down, you’re a real bear to live with. You have a temper that’s just outasite and when you begin to steam, people run in the other direction.

You’re consumed by your own interests and your own thoughts and you do think a lot, about anything and everything. You’re sort of an escapist and probably have three or four wild plots running around in your head for whenever you get bored (you join the FBI as a secret agent or something). You have the ability not to get hung up by people because you have so many interests you just don’t have the time.

You think of others, but your thoughts come like a piano dropped on your head. You’ll be handweaving a rug or something when all of a sudden, like a symphony crescendo, it will dawn on you that today is your best friend’s birthday. Then you’ll rush out to do something about it. You’re thoughtful, but in your own peculiar way. When people look for words to describe you, they usually come up with, “Wow! She’s really a groove!”

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 16
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 2–3