What 1970 Will Bring for The Monkees

Have you ever wondered what your faves will be doing years from now? Well, here’s a few groovy ideas for you to think about during the next few months. How many of them will come true? Only the Monkees know for sure.

Two years from now everyone is going to be two years older. You can dig that, right? But what will two years mean to people like the Monkees, who literally live from day to day in the eyes of their fans?

Davy Jones, Peter Tork

Will everyone be looking at some groovy new group in two years and only say on rare occasions, “I wonder what ever happened to the Monkees?” Or will everyone still be looking at the Monkees and asking the same old questions like “When will they break up?”

Well, don’t fall out of your groove, but here’re a few predictions that just might blow your mind!

THE MONKEES won’t release as many records as they do now. (Each Monkee will have his own songs, which he will probably produce. They won’t sing together as often because they’ll be going their separate ways musically.)

THE MONKEES will appear in more “major” magazines in in-depth interviews, so you’ll see more of them in print than you did before. (Except for fan magazines. They won’t print as much as they do now on the Monkees, so start saving back issues.)

THE MONKEES won’t spend as much time in Los Angeles. (They’ll take more vacations in places like New York and England.)

MIKE won’t live in Los Angeles. (He’ll be commuting from somewhere in the West, where he will have bought a ranch and built a house for Phyllis and his children.)

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones

ONE OF THE MONKEES—maybe two—will have gotten married. (Probably Peter, despite what he says about never getting married again. Second choice: Micky.)

DAVY JONES will have accepted a solo acting role, probably in a major movie. (And the other guys won’t have minded.)

MICKY will also do a solo acting appearance. (He’ll have several cameo parts, not a major role.)

PETER will appear on variety-talk shows to sing his own material and talk with the hosts. (He’ll still be in his folk-rock bag.)

PETER’S hair will be longer and his clothes will be wilder. (He’ll be the extremist of the group.)

DAVY will not be as adept musically as the other Monkees but he’ll be the best actor. (His bag has never been music. He’s always been an actor first.)

Despite the success of “Untitled,” (Head) THE MONKEES won’t make but one or two more movies as a group. (They’ll still do an occasional TV special.)

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork

THE MONKEES won’t tour as much. (Because they’ll have the same problems as the Beatles do now. First, they’ll be pretty bored with it and secondly, they won’t be able to reproduce their own sound.)

THE MONKEES will argue more among themselves than they do now. (They’ll be producing their own records and handling more of their own careers, and that means there will be a four-way hassle between very strong-willed guys.)

THE MONKEES will be together as a group, but they’ll be talking about breaking up in 1971. (The reason isn’t that they’ll be going their separate ways in show business and they’ll feel it is unfair to each other to stay together as a group.)

EVEN IN 1970, you won’t like these predictions. (What do YOU think the Monkees will be doing in 1970?)

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 16
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 24–27