• Davy Jones, Peter Tork
    Above: Davy makes with the hands while Peter does his take-off of a London Bobbie.
  • Mike Nesmith, Jack Nicholson
    [Above]: Mike chats to one of the film crew.
Davy Jones

By Our Stateside Reporter

As I told you last month, Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter plus the film crew made a special trip to the Rose Bowl, Pasadena to film sequences for their first major movie.

Special costumes had been designed for the sequence. All the boys wore white slippers, white trousers and polo-necked jumpers. The first person I saw walking round the Bowl was Peter with a large ‘A’ on his chest. Then Mike turned up with a large exclamation mark. Even when Dave and Micky arrived with a ‘W’ and ‘R’ respectively emblazoned on their jumpers, I still didn’t get it. Then, they all filed on to the green turf of the Football pitch and lined up and there it was—a big W.A.R.!

Davy, on the left, looks as though he is bowling one of the fastest balls delivered at Lords cricket ground—in actual fact, he just leaped into the air shaking his fist; over the page you can see that Peter is producing the most frantic leap of all.

None of the Monkees realised that the film might be given an ‘X’ Certificate in England until I pointed it out to them and I can tell you that when Davy realised what I was getting at, he said: “We’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen.” So, it looks as though every Monkee fan will be able to see every second of the picture when it’s finally released in this country.

  • Davy Jones
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