Are You Sure The Monkees Can Act & Sing?

Davy Jones

Naturally you are! But if you have friends who are constantly putting Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike down… read on!

Are you SURE the Monkees can act and sing? That may sound like a pretty silly question but it’s not so funny when you wind up having to defend the Monkees to any number of people who sometimes try to tear them down.

In fact, after someone has really given you the one-two-punch about the Monkees not being real live actors (they always say that), your head gets a bit turned around and you begin to wonder if maybe the other person is right. Like, you know the Monkees can act and sing but then why can’t you prove it?

So here goes… typical put-downs and the way to handle them, plus a few facts to back you up. (No fair using this for a school debate—do your own research!)

The Monkees were just walking down the street one day and a man came out and said “kids, we’re going to make you stars.” and that’s the way it happened. The Monkees didn’t work at becoming Monkees.

Mike, Peter, Davy and Micky were all involved with acting and singing in one form or another before anyone ever thought about creating a television show known as the Monkees. They each put in years of training on their own. Davy and Micky were child actors while Mike and Peter sang in folk clubs all over the country.

Peter Tork

The Monkees can’t act. Their TV show and movie is just a bunch of film shot around what they happened to be doing at the time.

Of course. They just happened to be standing around a Western set playing cowboys—or falling into a giant vacuum cleaner like in their movie. The Monkees are given precise instructions by their director as to how a part should be played—and then they act the part and they do it so well that people believe them.

Where would the Monkees be without Screen Gems and television and movies? They couldn’t make it on their own.

Without the Monkees as they are, each individual would probably be highly successful. Mike could produce and write songs. Micky and Peter have already proved they can direct by doing just that for some of their TV shows. Davy made himself famous on Broadway in “Oliver” long before the Monkees were formed. He’d have no problem finding another niche in show business tomorrow.

No one believes their shows or movies. No one could be that insane!

Lots of people miss the whole point of a Monkee story of any kind. They are for the purpose of entertainment. Plain and simply, they are to be enjoyed and laughed at and cried over and thoroughly felt, not just glanced at and ignored.

Micky Dolenz

Just name me one person (besides yourself) who really watches the Monkees.

Do one better—mention just exactly how many people buy and read magazines like Tiger Beat, just to find out the latest on the Monkees. If that isn’t devotion, nothing is!

Their music won’t last. It’s just a bunch of one-hit wonders.

Sure. That’s why the Monkees have had cover versions made of their songs by everyone from the Hollyridge [sic] Strings to Lawrence Welk and had four million selling albums, and six million-seller single releases.

The Monkees can’t begin to compare to more serious actors like Sir Laurence Oliver or Richard Burton or even a comedian like Bob Hope.

Since when do either Richard Burton or Laurence Oliver play rock and roll singers? And Bob Hope hasn’t had long hair in a long time either. The Monkees can compare very easily, however, to the Three Stooges or the Marx Brothers.

Mike Nesmith

The Monkees have never taken an acting course in their lives.

For months before their television show even started, the Monkees took extensive cram courses in comedy acting. And their education didn’t end there. Every day they learn something new—that’s what keeps their shows and movies fresh and alive.

I’ve outgrown the Monkees.

Senior citizen communities are springing up all over the country. Aren’t you glad they allow visitors?

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Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
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Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
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